Hollywood actor ‘Hakeem Kae-Kazim’ and Jacob’s Crosses ‘Fabian Adeoye Lojede’ star in Akin Omotoso’s exciting film ‘Man on Ground’

With stellar actors like Hakeem Kae-Kazim (24/Hotel Rwanda) and Fabian Adeoye Lojede (Jacobs Cross) starring as leads in Akin Omotoso’s ‘Man on Ground’ it is not surprising is has been selected for many of the worlds premiere film festivals and is already receiving rave reviews.

Man on Ground is a bold and exacting portrayal of rising xenophobia in South Africa. Omotoso casts the story of Femi a young Nigerian man played by Fabian Adeoye Lojede living in the African refugee tenements of Johannesburg who disappears against the backdrop of animosity against immigrants flaring into violent rioting. In the span of a single night, his brother (Ade) played by Hakeem Kae-Kazim, on a short visit from London, tries to elucidate the mystery.

Variety praise Man on Ground saying its “A cross hybridization of BBC police thriller and Bergmanesque meditation on intra-African immigration.  While Photomusicality say “writer/director Akin Omotoso exemplifies the kind of filmmaking that makes cinema worthwhile with a film that’s thoughtful, intelligent and heartbreaking.

Man on Ground is produced by T.O.M pictures and while it is only Akin Omotoso’s second feature, his feature film debut was the acclaimed ‘God if African’ and he has also directed many shorts.

This exciting film is inspired by real events and partnered with The National Film And Video Foundation South Africa and the
International Organization for Immigration who share “Even though the film is set in South Africa, the lessons are relevant and applicable globally.”

With an amazing cast, a talented director and a subject that is both real and controversial, this film takes you on an exciting ride.


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