English Actor Henry Hereford brings a welcome slice of comedy to Lifetimes Liz and Dick

We are excited to see the new flick about Elizabeth Taylor ‘Liz and Dick’ in November on Lifetime.  Watch this space for an interview with one of the shows stars Henry Hereford.

British actor Henry Hereford is making his way in Hollywood with blockbusters like ‘Girl of the Dragon Tattoo’ alongside Daniel Craig and now he is to play Martin the easily embarrassed manger of the refined Dorchester Hotel in the much-awaited Lifetime Drama ‘Liz and Dick’.

Martin (Hereford) is the much-abused British manager of a grand hotel in London and although a drama, Henry brings some welcome comedy to this biopic.  Alongside Henry, Pulling star Tanya Franks plays Sybil Burton, True Blood Star Grant Bowler plays Richard Burton and Lindsay Lohan plays Elizabeth Taylor.  The TV film ‘Liz And Dick’ was filmed this summer in Los Angeles and is based on Taylor’s romance with Richard Burton.

Henry is no stranger to the small screen and starred in many popular British TV hits including ‘The Alice’ playing Adam Cooper and the primetime police drama ‘The Bill’ as Alex Moss.   This talented actor also plays the chain smoking Constable Peter Franks in ‘Liars All’ alongside Alice Evans and 90210 stars Matt Lanter and Gilliam ZInzer.  Henry has his roots set deep in English heritage, as his name Hereford is a city in historical Herefordshire.   With great acting chops and memorable performances, Henry is likely to stay a firm fixture on our screens both big and small.

Photo Credit Maria Tornberg Photography

Liz and Dick premieres on Lifetime on Sunday November 25th at 9:00pm E/T


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