Just Celebrity Magazine Exclusive – Interview with Shameless Star Karen Bryson

imgres-1As avid Shameless fans, we are sad to know that it is now in it’s last ever season.  Karen Bryson lights up our screens as Avril in this popular British show, so we are very excited to bring you our exclusive interview with this beautiful star.  Karen shares with us who she would most like to work with, what is was like playing Avril, how she feels about Shameless coming to an end and so much more.

JC: If you could summarise your time on shameless in 3 words, what would it be?

KB: To summarise my time on Shameless in 3 words it would be; amazing, amazing oh and amazing!

JC: What was it like playing the feisty Avril?

KB: Playing Avril was such a huge learning curve. In order to be in a show like Shameless with its incredible writing, risqué story lines and rich characters, I just had to absolutely throw myself into playing Avril head first! She’s feisty yet vulnerable, fun, outspoken, strong willed, loyal, protective, sexy, witty and the list goes on! I had to learn to take risks with her, be brave. My first ever scene as Avril, was a dream sequence where I was in bed with Mimi! When I completed the scene, the whole crew gave me a huge round of applause and said  ‘Welcome to Shameless’!

JC: You played a small doctor role in Shameless in season 5,  3 seasons before you were casted in the role of Avril.Karen+Bryson+Manish+Malhotra+Hosts+Charity+Vw2Yv4dg-ral Was that what made you want to really be involved in Shameless?

KB: Yes, I played a minor role in season 5, which was great. Prior to that I had watched the show from the very first season. I can remember then thinking how much I would love to be in it!  So, being cast as Avril a couple of years later, was just incredibly exciting! 

JC: What was the biggest challenge you faced during your time on shameless?

KB: The biggest challenge for me, funnily enough, wasn’t work related. It was to do with the commuting. I live in London and the show was filmed in Manchester. To begin with, I had to get used to it, and establish a routine. Once that was in place I really enjoyed my jaunts up north to Manchester. In fact, I still miss Manchester now.

JC: How do you feel about Shameless coming to an end?

KB: Aw, it is sad that Shameless is about to end forever. It has almost become part of our unconscious psyche. It is especially sad for the loyal, loyal fans of the show, who seem to be genuinely gutted. However, it is great we are ending on a high. You know the saying. ‘All good things, come to an end’.

JC:What were your co-actors like, were they very serious on set?

KB: The other actors on the show, were absolutely brilliant, the crew were too. There wasn’t any division, the shows success was a real team effort. While we were on set there was a real sensitivity, so if it was an emotional scene we would all recognise and support. By the same token, if it was scene that required jollity and laughter it was easy enough to muster up that energy. For example all those fantastic party scenes in the Jockey they were amazing to film as those scenes usually had everybody in them – a real gathering.

JC: Shameless is a very popular British show, have you had any weird experiences with fans?

KB: The fans of the show are fantastic, I was so surprised at how popular the show was. People have been really lovely, no unusual requests so far!

JC: What is the most memorable moment of your acting career so far?

KB: I would have to say winning a ‘best female performance in TV’ Screen Nation award for playing Avril an amazing way to end my Shameless experience!

JC: Do you have any plans for what you are going to do next?

KB: I’ve just finished filming an episode of Casualty. My first in the 27 years it’s been on! I’m auditioning at the moment and I’m excited about what lies ahead! I’d love to do film next.

JC: If you could chose 1 actor you would really like to work with, who would it be?

KB: The actor I would LOVE to work with is Olivia Coleman she is brilliant!



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