Rising Star Petra Bryant is taking the film world by Storm

16111-petra-bryant-attends-as-the-dreamboys-592x0-1Petra Bryant may be a name that is new to you, as it is new to us to.  But this beautiful young lady is taking the entertainment world by storm, she is starring in no less than 6 films!  If you don’t know her work now, you certainly will do soon and Just Celebrity are excited to be one of the first people to interview her.

Watch this space as we will be interviewing this starlet very soon!

London based, Czech actress Petra Bryant is as stunning as she is talented; taking the film world by storm, she is starring in no less than six upcoming features. Including the big budget feature Fallen Eagle: Broken Wings alongside Jack O’Halloran, The Disappearance of Lenka Wood alongside Mark O’Neal, The Last Scout, White Collar Hooligans 3, Mightier than the Sword and Looking for George Clooney.

This beautiful actress makes her feature film debut in The Disappearance of Lenka Wood, where she plays the title role, Lenka Wood. She stars alongside Wanted actor Mark O’Neal, Kicks Ass 2’s Tom Knight, 24’s Akbar Kurtha and Rise of Footsoldier’s Billy Murray. British Sci-Fi The Last Scout is set to be released in February 2014, with Petra starring as Captain Melissa. Fallen Eagle is an action packed, character driven tale of heroes and villains, love and hate, war and peace, truth and deceit.  This big budget feature is due for a Summer 2014 release and Petra plays a beautiful princess in this much-awaited film, alongside Superman’s Jack O’Halloran.

Petra is proving very busy as she is set to start filming this month on the exciting sequel, White Collar Hooligan 3 where she stars as a Russian spy. Keeping busy throughout 2014, she will be filming Mightier than the Sword and Looking for George Clooney.

Petra is not an overnight success, her career started  a few years ago after training at The Poor School and her past credits include the British TV show Snuff Box.  Thankfully with a gifted talent to match her beauty, this wonderful actress is set to light up our screens, both big and small.

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