JUST CELEBRITY MAGAZINE EXCLUSIVE Petra Bryant – ‘There is no rest for me (luckily!)’

Stunning London based, Czech actress Petra Bryant isn’t just a pretty face, she is about to take the film world by storm as she is set to film in 6 upcoming feature films in 2014! (Wow!) Petra, talks to us about her 6 films and what challenges she’s faced playing some of these rather interesting characters!


Hi Petra, thank you for taking the time to talk to us. It’s great to see you have 6 new films coming out soon, please can you tell us what the films are and who you play in each one?

My pleasure! I am very excited about being busy with all my projects and love talking about them! Thank you for listening.
I play a space ship Captain Melissa in a British sci-fi ‘The Last Scout’ and I have the female lead in a thriller ‘The Disappearance of Lenka Wood where I play Lenka. This autumn I am working on ‘White Collar Hooligan 3’ as a Russian girl, Consuela and as a journalist Isabella in ‘Mightier than the Sword’. Isabella is a strong female lead character I am looking forward to bringing to life. There is no rest for me (luckily!) as I have two other feature films after Christmas, ‘Looking for George Clooney’ and ‘Fallen Eagle’-Broken Wings. ‘Looking for George Clooney’ is a hilarious rom-com where I play a self-absorbed actress and I play the role of Empress Faustina in a beautiful film ‘Fallen Eagle’. I will try to squeeze in couple of arty short films in between! Gosh I love working on movies.
Wow! That’s a lot of work! What is your favourite kind of character to play?

Somebody very different from me. It’s always more fun playing a bitch or baddie!

There is no rest for me (luckily!) 

The British Sci-fi ‘The Last Scout’ is set to be released in February 2014, can you tell us a bit about the film?

The slogan for this film is ‘They must not fail. They are the last’. Our crew of astronauts is searching for a new inhabitable planet and the future of humanity depends on our mission. This is not an easy task with being stuck on a ship with a handful of the same people for years and some people are not what they seem at first. I can also reveal that we have filmed two different endings!

 What was your favourite part of filming ‘The Last Scout’?

I loved dressing up as a Captain as it’s so different from real life but we were all totally boiling in our costumes!! It sounds so obvious but my favourite part was playing Melissa. You actually don’t know if my character is actually alive or not which meant filming some spooky scenes. I can’t wait to see it.

You actually don’t know if my character is actually alive or not  

You have also finished filming ‘The Disappearance of Lenka Wood’. Playing the female lead in this, what challenges did you face?

Lenka was very challenging to play actually as she is nothing like me and since it’s a kidnap thriller, we filmed lots of physically demanding scenes. Most of the shoot was in Turkey so it was very hot and we worked very long hours with night shoots. The producer has cast some big Turkish guys to ruffle my feathers so by the end of the shoot I was covered in bruises, got hit over my head and stitches on my leg have split. I also had to jump into water and I am scared of water and heights! Let’s just say that real blood, sweat and tears have gone into making this film. I would love to tell you more but can’t!
Oh that sounds exciting! Can you tell us a bit about you character, Lenka?

Lenka is an Eastern European girl living happily in New York with her fiancé Dexter. Things change for her when they travel to Bodrum for their honeymoon where she gets kidnapped and her ex-military husband is trying to get her back at every cost. Lenka is actually quite feisty even though she is petite and there is more to her than we expect. Prepare for some twists!

By the end of the shoot I was covered in bruises, got hit over my head and stitches on my leg have split!

You are also set to play Consuela, in ‘White Collar Hooligan 3’, what has it been like, getting involved in a sequel?

It’s actually exciting working on a sequel as I can imagine what the next film will look like. I have seen WCH2 and really liked it. Added bonus is that I already know some of the cast from having worked on ‘The Last Scout’. It’s also great working with the same director as Paul Tanter directed me in ‘The Disappearance of Lenka Wood.’ It feels like an extended family!


What has been the biggest challenge in your acting career so far?

It’s definitely playing Lenka as I have never worked on a film with a lot of violence. I think my mum and my friends will have to cover their eyes during some scenes!

You’ve done so well to be starring in 6 upcoming feature films, what advice would you give to aspiring actors?

It might sound cliché but writing your own stuff is an excellent way of creating a perfect role for yourself and it will give you a show reel material. I made a short fashion film noir ‘Cuffs & Collar’ and gave myself the main part. Also get yourself on a film set as a tv extra (backround artiste) once or twice to see how things are really done.

I think my mum and my friends will have to cover their eyes during some scenes!

As well as all this film work you are doing, you’ve also worked in TV.  You starred in the British series, ‘Snuff Box’. If you had to choose between the two, which acting work do you prefer; TV or Film and why? 

I would actually love being part of TV series as there are plenty of fantastic shows around and I would love to be on British ‘telly’. I don’t think I got enough taste of it after being in an episode of ‘Snuff Box’. Most of screen actors strive to be in the movies but TV is very attractive to me! It’s the new big screen with huge A listers signing up for TV dramas. There is so much brilliantly written material out there at the moment. And if I finish writing my own novel soon, I would absolutely love to turn it into TV series.
11.You also have a blog, what is your blog about and what was your main inspiration to create the blog?

My blog is a little bit of a hobby for me. I used to work in beauty and fashion retail whilst supporting myself through auditions and I have gained so much of knowledge in the beauty and fashion sector. It made me into an avid product junkie but I never caught the fashion bug too seriously. I love throwing unique outfits together and blog about it to inspire my readers but I will never be a hard core snooty fashionista. I also did a little work experience stint at IPC Media and spent my days in the fashion and beauty cupboard. It was a fab way of finding out how the industry works and what is good and what is not so hot!
My blog is an extension of my experience and my personal style. I am hoping it is an inspiring and fun read. I also pride myself in talking about beauty products that I genuinely like!

If I finish writing my own novel soon, I would absolutely love to turn it into TV series.

What are your plans for the future? 

I am hoping to carry on making movies and get into TV. As I mentioned earlier I aspire to turning my own novel into film or TV series so I better get on with finishing it! However I don’t see myself appearing on Big Brother any time soon.

I really hope you will enjoy watching my films. Thank you.

You can follow Petra on Twitter:  @PetraBryant

And check out her blog : www.girlonarockinghorse.co.uk

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