Just Celebrity Exclusive: Rugby star Keith Mason “acting felt pretty natural”.


DSC_0070masonCOLKeith Mason is a Ruby player known for his talent on the pitch, but now it seems he may be known for his talent on the screen!  Keith is set to appear in his first ever feature film as Mr Stein alongside the talented Mickey Rourke in ‘Skin Traffik’.  Just Celebrity caught up with Keith to talk about this exciting career move. 

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us. You’ve spent 14 long years as a rugby player. How would you describe those 14 years? 

I had an amazing time, a really good and successful career.  I played in finals and won finals.  My career in rugby was thoroughly enjoyable, I think it’s run its course though, but I enjoyed my time.

What made you want to become a professional rugby player?

I was going down the wrong path, but I always knew I had talent and I just needed some direction.  One of my friends got sent to jail, so that was an eye opener for me.  From that day on I started training every day, it came down to hard work and a bit of luck.  My dream was to be a player and it was a blessing that I was able to become one.

What has been a highlight in your rugby career?

Signing for Melbourne Storm in Australia, that was a big highlight.  When I won the challenge cup final in 2004, playing for St Helen’s against Wigan.  It was a brilliant game and one of the best I have ever played in.

After being offered a role in a film, you have decided to change your career path to acting. Tell us how you received this offer?

Basically it was the week after I won a court case, I had already been friends with Mickey Rourke for a number of years.  I got a phone call out of the blue from Mickey, saying could I be available in a couple of weeks time for a film shoot.  He said I was his number one choice to be play his body guard.  He gave me the opportunity, so I grabbed it with both hands and I enjoyed it.  I ended up shooting the film and now I want more.  I know you have to put in hours of hard work, but I am looking forward to the challenge.

I got a phone call out of the blue from Mickey, saying could I be available in a couple of weeks time for a film shoot.  

Was acting something you ever considered pursuing before? 

Not really, I was in a career and had a five-year deal, I was a sportsman and that was it.  But winning the court case put a stop to that.  The only advice I ever asked Mickey, was if I ever starred in a movie what advice would you give me.  He said, just be yourself son.

 Tell us a bit about ‘Skin Traffik’ the Film you are in. 

Skin Traffik is a crime thriller with a lot of action, there are some big names in it – including Eric Roberts, Mickey Rourke and Daryl Hannah.  I have just seen the trailer and it looks pretty good.  Its about drug trafficking and drug lords.  It’s an all action film and will be a very enjoyable film to watch. 


What character do you play?

I play a guy called Mr Steiner, who is Mickey Rourke’s henchman in the movie,

What was your experience like, filming ‘Skin Traffik’? Did you face any challenges?

To be honest I was nervous the night before.  I didn’t realise I had lines until two days before we started filming and I was like a fish out of water.  It was pretty nerve wrecking, but I put my suit, went out there and just enjoyed it and it felt pretty natural.

When and how will we be able to watch this film?

Spring 2014, but the trailer is out now.  

What plans do you have for the near future, with regards to pursuing your new career?

I am going to be doing some acting training, I have a really good coach in Los Angeles called Paul Ka

mpf.  I met him out there and will be going back to work with him for a couple of months after the new year.

You can follow Keith on Twitter 


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