TLC’s official Royal correspondent Kiri Bloore bags a role playing in E! Television’s The Royals


We are excited to be bringing you an exclusive interview soon with TLC’s Official Royal correspondent Kiri Bloore, for now you can follow her on twitter @KiriBloore


Beautiful British broadcaster and journalist Kiri Bloore has travelled the globe lighting up our television screens.  Not only can you see her on the red carpet interviewing some of the biggest stars, she was one of the few presenters lucky enough to cover the Royal wedding from a coveted spot at Westminster Abbey for TLC.  Now she is about to be seen alongside Liz Hurley in the much awaited new E! Television series The Royals.

TLC cast Kiri as a Royal correspondent to bring every single detail of the Royal wedding from the lead up to the actual day and also covered the Diamond jubilee.

Keeping within the theme, this talented broadcaster is about to be seen playing another Royal Correspondent in the new E! Television’s drama The Royals.  She can be seen breaking the news on the dramas as they unfold with in the Royal household alongside Liz Hurley who plays the queen.

On the red carpet Kiri has conducted exclusive red carpet interviews with several stars including Keira Knightley, Michael Fassbender, Noel Fielding, Dev Patel, Robert Pattinson, Tahir Rahim and Clive Owen.  Her Fashion TV shows include Front Row for Fashion One TV and the Clothes Show Live.

This British beauty also hosts the FIA Lotus series for the sports world and will be joining an elite selection of competitors to take on the Eaichades Gazelles desert rally, enduring 15 days of desert, sun and speed in 2015.

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