Britain’s hottest new actor Tom Benedict Knight to play in Houdini

IMG_6582We excited to interview this handsome new actor very soon on Just Celebrity Magazine.

Nicholas Meyer’s much awaited 4 hour miniseries Houdini will be aired in America on Labor day, Oscar winner Adrien Brody stars as Houdini and Tom Benedict Knight plays his younger brother and fellow escapologist Dash.  Tom is known for being the chameleon of accents and famously recorded 31 in one single take.  Now he is set to light up the screen in the History Channel’s new drama which also stars Kristen Connolly.

This exciting biopic is directed by Academy Award Winner Uli Edel and follows Houdini (Adrien Brody) from his humble beginnings as an Eastern European immigrant trying to become a stage magician under his birth name, Erich Weiss, to his role as the world’s first superstar as The Great Harry Houdini.  The series examines Houdini’s personal life, notably his encounters with the likes of Rasputin, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, his relationship with his wife Bess (Kristen Connolly) and brother Dash Weiss (Tom Benedict Knight).  Dash had a very competitive relationship with Harry especially in the professional arena, he was greatly overshadowed by his brother and the favouritism their mother Cecilia Weiss showed towards Harry.

Since bursting into the acting scene in 2011 Tom Benedict Knight has enjoyed a wide range of roles in features like Kick Ass 2 alongside Chole Grace Moretz and Arron Taylor Johnson, as well as the upcoming Universal Studios motion picture Dracula Untold alongside Luke Evans and Dominic Cooper.

This talented actor also stars in the role of Michael Franzese in God The Father, the life story biopic of ‘La Cosa Nostra’ boss Michael Franzese, the Mob boss who became a Minister of the Church, directed by Simon Fellows with Academy Award winner and nominee D.O.P Vilmos Zsigmond.  God The Father is due for it’s US theatrical release on October 31st 2014.

Houdini the two-part, four hour miniseries by the History Channel will premiere on Labor Day, Monday September 1, 2014, at 9 pm EST.



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