Honeyz star Celena Cherry shares her love for Michael Jackson through a one off show

photo (2)We get the chance to interview the talented Celena Cherry again, getting stuck in traffic with Michael Jackson and about her upcoming show in Stockton.  The beautiful Honeyz Singer, Celena Cherry is set to take the stage with the Top international MJ Tribute Artiste Danny Oliver, who has performed for the Michael Jackson himself, in September. The Big Reunion star, Celena Cherry is set to perform all of the King of Pop’s clasisc songs, including Thriller, Billy Jean, Can you Feel it, Smooth Criminal and You are not alone, in this unique show to pay her own tribute to the unmatched superstar, who became her good friend – Michael Jackson.

What can fans expect from your Michael Jackson tribute?

CC: They can expect to laugh to cry and to enjoy themselves remembering the king of pop.

You have been honoured to meet the king of pop, how did you meet him and what was he was like?

CC: I am very lucky to have a mutual friend with him so my friend asked me if I’d like to go to world music awards 2006 with Michael, of course I said yes and we ended up travelling with him in his car to get there and it was the most memorable days of my life being stuck in traffic with Michael Jackson!

Will you include any of the Honeyz hits?

CC: No, when we do our show MJ eternity it is a totally celebration of Michaels music.

As a friend of Michael Jackson, what does it mean to you performing his songs?

cherryCC: It means so much to me. I can never forget michael he plays an even bigger part in my life now than when he were alive, i mean, i named my son after him and my son was born on his birthday too. As far as I am concerned there never will be a better entertainer / singer / dancer / songwriter better than Michael Jackson. It’s an honour to perform his songs it really is.

Will you be performing any of his tracks from his latest album? If not can you tell us which one is your favourite and why?

CC: We are going to add elements from the new album yes. My favourite track from the new album is Blue Gangster.

Did you ever get the chance to sing with Michael Jackson?

CC: Unfortunately no ! I did sing with Iionel Richie though. I wish I got to sing with MJ, I sang too him though, it was really scary!

Can you let us in to any secrets that will be revealed in the show?

CC: We have an amazing live guitarist too, but there are no secrets just lots of entertainment and fun for all ages celebrating the music of Michael.

Follow Celena on Twitter: @celenahoneyz


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