EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Celebrity Psychic Donna Fallon on being a psychic to the stars

Donna Fallon is a well-known and well loved celebrity psychic, she didn’t actually become a medium until the age of 40 and in a short time has helped numerous people around the world. Here she tells Just Celebrity Magazine about her strangest experiences and that she told Natasha Hamilton she would be getting engaged and enter the Big Brother House, way before Natasha knew about either.

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JC: When did you know you were psychic? 

DF: I knew from the age of 40 that I was psychic, up until then I had no clue, so it came as a bit of a surprise to me to say the least.

JC: What is the strangest experience you have ever had?

DF: There have been so many strange experiences now since I have been working as a psychic medium. However, working in Japan, seeing Japanese spirits and hearing them talk to me, seemed very strange at first.

JC: Can you share something you told someone that came true?

DF: I have made so many predictions that have come true! I told the lovely Natasha Hamilton from Atomic kitten early in April this year, that she would be going in to Celebrity Big Brother, before she had even had a meeting with CBB and that she would be getting engaged! The day after she came out of CBB she tweeted me on Twitter and said, “Do you remember telling me I would be going in to CBB, before I had even had the meeting or knew about it? Well done, good work”, that was lovely.

JC: You are a psychic to the stars, who was the first celebrity you read for?

DF: One of the first celebrities that I did a reading for is a lovely Actress called Cathy Murphy, who was in EastEnders at the time and I told her you’ve just left Eastenders. No-one knew as she was still in EastEnders on Television and had only left that week, we became good friends after that and she came and sat in the audience last year to support me in one of my theatre shows.

JC: What made you change careers at 40?

DF: I realised at 40 that I was psychic, so I wanted to use my gift to help people. I’m very lucky, as I love my job.

JC: Can you predict things in your own life?

DF: Sadly I can’t predict my own future, if only LOL

JC: Are you sometimes next to someone on public transport and get a message, if so – do you tell them?

DF: Yes often I’ve been on a train or a tube and have got messages for people and yes I have given them! People are usually really happy to receive a message.

JC: Can you give any advice to any young mediums out there?

DF: The best advice I can give to young mediums is to meditate, build up a good relationship with your spirit guides and helpers to trust what you get from spirit.

If you would like a reading you can get in touch with Donna here:


Email: d.fallon1@btinternet.com

Twitter: @donnafallon123

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