Interview with the talented director Patrick Vollrath

Just Celebrity Magazine had an interesting chat with director Patrick Vollrath about his short film ‘Alles Wird Gut’ (Everything Will Be Okay).

freshpat picture

JC: Where did you get the idea from to make your award winning film Everything Will Be Okay?

P: A news article inspired me when I was reading the paper. I brainstormed with a few friends and came up with a script. The script was terrible. I did some more research and made a very precise ‘guideline’ of the story without the dialogue.

JC: Julia Pointner is magical as Lea and is already winning many awards, how did you find her?

P: I’ll have to admit, it was just luck. We have been looking for the right person to play Lea for half a year. I was focused on finding a very talented kid who could play such a character.

JC: We think Everything Will Be Okay would also make a great feature film; do you have plans to make it into a feature?

P: Well, I did think about it, but in the end don’t feel that would be right. I wanted to tell a story and I’ve shown everything that I wanted on the topic.

JC: The way you directed Everything Will Be Okay pulled us right into the story, do you have tips for upcoming directors?

P: To be honest, I just came out of film school and I’m practically a student myself. I don’t really have any tips – the only thing I can say is that you have to find a story that really touches you and will touch other people as well.

JC: Where do you see your career in 5 years?

P: If you had asked me a year ago where I would be, I would have never guessed that the film would get nominations and would be picked for the first round of the Oscar nominations. Life is unpredictable, I try to take it as it is and work as hard as I can.

JC: What inspired you to become a director?

P: First, I wanted to be an actor – I was inspired by Titanic! Then, during my acting classes, I found out that I wanted to be the one who was in control of the story itself and how it was told.

JC: The Cinematography is stunning, have you worked with the Cinematographer before?

P: Yes, we have been working together since 2009. We used to be in the same class at film school. We made our first project together in our second year and since then he has been doing all my bigger films.

JC: What are you working on now?

P: I am working on a new script; the Austrian government will be funding us. It is about the complicated world we live in right now. It will be about terrorism and the situation we are living with now.

JC: Thank you Patrick and good luck!


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