Lapse of Honour: a lovely chat with Rayna Campbell

Just Celebrity had the opportunity to talk with director Rayna Campbell about her film ‘Lapse of Honour’.

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JC: First, tell us about the film ‘Lapse of Honour’

R: Tom and Eve are head over heels in love and studying at college with the goal of getting into University in another city to escape their abusive parents.Tom wants a career in graphic design; Eve is an aspiring rapper who wants to hit the big time.When Eve discovers she’s pregnant, they make a pact to raise enough money to get out of town a.s.a.p. and set up a new life together.

Eve starts performing at local underground rap contests hoping to score a record deal while Tom’s efforts to secure more work hit a brick wall forcing him to go to more extreme and dangerous lengths to get the money they need. In doing so he crosses into forbidden territory bringing tragedy into both their lives.


 JC: How did you come up with the storyline?

R: Its based on an amalgamation of real life characters mixed with fictitious ones. It took me about ten years to write the script on and off.

 JC: How was it to work with a cast that includes some recognisable English names?

 R: Amazing. I was honoured that actors like Louis Emerick and Gary McDonald trusted and respected me enough as a first time director to direct them in a feature film.

 JCLapse of Honour has been selected for many film festivals, could you tell us a bit more about this?

R: Film London first selected the film to take part in The London Screenings at the BFI in their Breakthrough section. From there we were invited to Dinard Film Festival in France. We opened the British Urban Film Festival in London and won a Special Mention Award at The Avvantura Film Festival in Croatia. We were invited to British Film Week at Le Grand Logis in Rennes France and our film played alongside 45 Years, Legend and The Suffragettes and we recently screened at The Keswick Film Festival in Cumbria.


 JC: What made you become a director and who inspired you?

 R: A producer called Tara Cook first suggested I should direct the film myself. I’d never thought of directing it myself before then but she really encouraged me to give it a go. She planted the seed. I got a series of DVD’s on Filmmaking and that helped explain things at a basic level. Then I landed the lead role in a feature film called Layla Fourie, directed by Pia Marais who was wonderfully intense and specific on set. I loved her style and watched her carefully. I would say she was a big inspiration

 JC: When will Lapse of Honour be released?

 R: 4th of March on Vimeo on demand.

The link is

 JC: What is the next step for you, what else can we expect in the near future?

 R: I would say definitely more acting and directing. I am currently having meetings with various producers about getting my next film off the ground.

JC:Thank you for your time Rayna and good luck!

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