Catherine Bailey about independent film, the power of women and The Crown

Our celebrity interviewer Liselotte caught up with the talented Catherine Bailey at the Raindance Independent Filmmakers Ball.

Welcome at the Raindance Independent Filmmakers Ball, how do you like it so far?

I find it’s fantastic! I can see a lot of champagne and glamourous people. It definitely feels like an exciting event. It’s important to support independent film because it’s a massive export for this country. We definitely need to keep it strong.

What do you think is the strength of an independent film? Why should people watch it?

It’s a good question. There’s a lot of creativity and artistic endeavour behind those films. I think that’s a lot more important than just trying to make a massive blockbuster and just try to please a lot of people. I think it’s great if the artists want to make films ‘for their own’. That’s something I love!

There’s a lot of talking about females in the film industry like female directors, female producers, etc. and how difficult they might find it to get into the world of film. As a woman yourself, do you have any advice for those women out there?

Yeah, I think it’s important to stay true to yourself and move into the business with some dignity. That’s difficult because you called upon ‘to sell’ yourself to the industry but I think it’s really important to stay true to your original desire, which is to make films you like. I’ve just done a film with Cynthia Nixon (Sex and The City, James White) and Jennifer Ehle (Zero Dark Thirty, The Adjustment Bureau) and I think they are fantastic examples to other actresses and women in general. You can be in the industry and at the same time you also can have dignity and authenticity.

It was the film A Quiet Passion, right?

That’s right, yeah.

Do you have any other upcoming films or projects in the near future?

I just finished The Crown, for Netflix, which comes out later this year. I can’t say too much unfortunately because it still being made but if it’s anything like season 1 then it’s going to make a massive splash. The series got 5 BAFTA nominations after all. The new season certainly looks beautiful and the script is really excited so we got a treat in store for you.

Liselotte Vanophem





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