Just Celebrity Reports… Day 3 at Comic Con London 2017: Small people on the big screen, familiar faces and newcomers


Oh no, it’s the last day of the 31st edition of the MCM Comic Con London. But don’t cry. We have a least one day! Just like the previous day, the programme promises us a lot of good things. So let’s start!

If you ask people how they would describe a Comic Con, then they probably would say ‘a place where the ‘everyday’ meets the fantasy’ and that’s also what we saw when we entered the ExCeL centre. Policemen posing with Stormtroopers. Both protectors of the world but at the same time also very different. We could start the last day without worrying.

The first thing of the last day started with the Verne Troyer panel, one of the smallest but at the same time also biggest actors of the cinema world. You probably know him from the Austin Power movies The Spy Who Shagged Me and Austin Powers in Goldmember. Troyer mentioned that acting in those movies was a great experience, especially because a guy of his size was able to beat the crap out of Mike Myers. Every actor has dream roles that he wants to play and Troyer is no exception to that. He mentioned that he dreams of playing a leading role in a romantic comedy and at the same time being a director of a movie would also be a dream coming true. Of course, Troyer his size was mentioned more than once. Apparently, he has a game room in which the furniture is so small that when people of a ‘normal’ size are visiting him, they felt awkward and uncomfortable, just like Troyer does every day.

After that panel, we had some time on our hands so no better time to discover all the other things the MCM Comic Con London has to offer, apart from the panels and press room. We bumped into The Joker… made by Lego. It’s one of the pieces that you can see during The Art of The Brick exhibition in South Bank. Go and check it out! It’s great! We were also able to check out the Wonder Woman costumes, which were there on display. And of course, if there’s one thing you need to do during a Comic Con like this, is checking out all the memorabilia that you can buy. From backpacks to signed scripts and from things to make your cosplay complete to clothes you can wear every day.

But now back to our favourite NCIS: LA couple Kensi and Deeks. Both Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen decided to visit the Comic Con also on Sunday and greet their fans during the NCIS: LA panel. Just like during the press interviews, both were very funny and goofy and they even shared more personal stories. It seems that Daniela had an imaginary friend when she was younger called Jasper. Even Eric didn’t know about this and he was shocked to hear that.

After their panel, we had one more last panel to go to. Does the name KJ Apa sounds familiar to you? No, maybe not but ask one of the girls attending the Comic Con and they will tell you all about him. We will tell you something about him as well. He’s from New Zeeland, is only 19 years old and plays Archie Andrews in the very popular American television series Riverdale. You can already guess it. His panel was full of girls who wanted to ask him questions. Even the presenter was fangirling over him. We loved that. But now back to his Q&A. Apparently, just like any other Australian, Vegemite is part of his daily life. For you who don’t know it, Vegemite is a spread made from different yeast extracts and taste very salty. Comic Con is all about television, movies and of course cosplays. One of the questions to KJ was in which cosplay he would attend a Comic Con. His answer: Chewbacca. He saw someone as Chewbacca waiting in line to get an autograph and KJ would have love to get Chewbacca waiting in line for his autograph. According to him, that would be stoked.

And if there’s one thing that was stoked as well, then it was this edition of the MCM Comic Con London. We had a lot of great interviews, amazing panels but the most stunning things were the people. They spent so many hours on their cosplays and everyone looked incredible. It made the world more colourful one than it was and we would love to see their cosplay every day and not only during a Comic Con! If not, then we’ll have to wait until the 27th October to attend the 32nd edition of the MCM Comic Con London.

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Film and Celebrity Reporter, Liselotte Vanophem


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