FILM REVIEW – Gifted: A heart-warming movie about what you want to be and what people want you to be

Wasn’t there a time in our life that we wish we were smarter? Especially when we had to solve some mathematic problems. Whether it was during our first years at school or during University. Life would be some much easier… or maybe not? According to Gifted, the life of a mathematic prodigy (Mary) isn’t easy at all. Apparently, when you’re gifted as Mary is, you need to find perfect balance between exploring your gift and getting along with the less mathematic gifted children, despite the fact that every child is gifted in something. That’s what the new Marc Webb (500 days of Summer, The Amazing Spider Man) film is all about.

The movie tells the story about Frank Adler (Chris Evans) and his spirited young niece Mary (Mckenna Grace). After the suicide of his sister (and mother of Mary), who had amazing calculate skills and who could change the world of mathematics, Frank decides to raise Mary in a coastal town in Florida, together with their one-eyed cat Frank. All her life, Mary has been educated by Frank but when she becomes 7, Frank decides to give her a real education and sends her to her first school. To gain more knowledge and also to develop social skills. After the first days at school, it turns out that she really lacks social skills but that her mathematical abilities are way more advanced than those of her fellow students. Of course, this comes to the attention of her teacher but also to Frank’s formidable mother, Evelyn (Lindsay Duncan), whose is planning on separate Frank and her granddaughter to send her to a proper school in the city where her abilities can grow. Will that be more important than letting Mary live the life of every 7-year old girl? Find it out in Gifted.

Ok, we admit. The story isn’t very exciting or packed full of action but that doesn’t mean Gifted is a bad movie. On the contrary, it’s a film that you need to see. Maybe not for the story but certainly for the acting performances. Chris Evans delivers a great Frank, a man who would do everything for Mary and who sometimes forget his own needs because of that. Also, the new look from Evans adds something valuable to his character. Of course, Lindsay Duncan is fabulous as the grandmother, who wants the legacy of her daughter to keep living on through her granddaughter but maybe forgets what Mary really needs. But the star of the movie is without a doubt, Mckenna Grace. She might not be as experienced in the acting world as Evans or Duncan but that’s barely notable. She gives an amazing performance as Mary, a child that knows and loves that she’s a prodigy but also one that deep down has the desire to hang out with other children in a ‘normal’ way.

Alongside with the great acting comes a great cinematography. The contrast between the coastal town, where Frank and Mary spend their time, and the city, in which Evelyn lives, has been filmed beautifully and all the different emotions of the actors are captured wonderfully. Both the acting and the cinematography make sure that we really feel sympathy for the characters and that we can relate to them.

So go to the movies and check out Gifted! The story might become a little bit predictable at some points but the emotions, the acting and the cinematography make sure that you’ll be moved by Gifted and that you’ll watch it until the very end.

Just Celebrity Reporter Film Reporter – Liselotte Vanophem



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