FILM REVIEW – Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man has finally found his home on screen


First, there was Tobey Maguire, who dressed up in the blue-red suit for the first three films, then there was Andrew Garfield, who performed the web slinger from Brooklyn in the next two movies, and now it’s Tom Holland who bares the weight on his shoulders as the new Spider-Man. It’s not only the first stand-alone movie for Holland but it’s also the first time that Sony Pictures, who made the first 5 movies, joins the Marvel Universe and rebooted the well-known story of an ordinary school boy, Peter Parker who is extraordinary as Spider-Man. The corporation between Sony Pictures and Marvel might have been one of the keys to the incredible success of Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Parker, outsider and member of his schools’ academic decathlon, his senior year at school has arrived. And when you hear ‘senior year’, you automatically think of the homecoming (you got it, right?) ball. Attending school has become difficult for Peter especially when his head and heart is set on becoming an Avenger instead of a graduate. After fulfilling his last assignment as Spider-Man with Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), it seems that his next mission won’t come soon. So the frustrated Peter has only one option: Going to school, just like any other kid and just like any other he has a crush on Liz (Laura Harrier). It turns out that there’s still a place out there for Spider-Man, however only for small assignments such as retrieving bags, stopping a bike theft but nothing very excited. Until he bumps into a bank robbery in which new technology is involved. New technology means new enemies for Spider-Man but also less school time for Parker which might have an impact on his graduation. Balancing school with work doesn’t seem that easy, especially not when Peter his identity as Spider-Man might be revealed to the world, which could put his friends and family in danger.

Secret identities that might be revealed? New enemies? Love? Danger? It might sound like every superhero action movie with all the clichés and yes, Spider-Man: Homecoming has that all but without becoming the predictable movie it could have. No, it’s a great movie full of funny moments, happiness and silliness but also full of darkness, destruction and threats. Ok, there were explosions, fighting scenes full of CGI and special effects and also romantic scenes but it never got over the top. A well-balanced movie, that’s exactly what Spider-Man: Homecoming is.

The dynamic between all the actors, in particular, the one between Tom Holland (Spider-Man) and Michael Kaeton (The Vulture), is what makes the movie so great. We already saw Holland briefly in Captain America: Civil War and the thing we learned then was that he might bring back the fun to Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Homecoming only confirmed what we already thought: A playful, young, energetic and a very entertaining Spider-Man is born. With the casting of Kaeton as Vulture, they just got the opposite of that: A rough-tough man who wants to destroy the world. During the movie, it seems that the battle between Spider-Man and The Vulture might become even more personal than they originally thought. The interaction between Downey Jr and Holland turns out to be great as well. Even Captain ‘Chris Evans’ America turns up in a very funny way.

So will the new Spider-Man movie slinger to the top of the box office or will it tumble onto the ground? Well, we are 100% sure that it will be the first one. A new vibrant, very alive and witty Spider-Man versus his dark and mysterious nemesis. Surrounded by love, danger and adventure and great cameos from Spider-Man his fellow Avengers.  What do you need more? We don’t understand why there’s no ‘amazing’ in this movie title just like in the previous ones. Cause it really is amazing! Also, do stick around for the post credits scenes because you’re going to love them but we guess, every Marvel fan already knows that.

Film and Celebrity Reporter – Liselotte Vanophem



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