RETRIBUTION ACTOR AMAR ADATIA “I would love to play the British Tony Montana”

We caught up with one of the stars of Retribution, Amar Adatia.

Set against the backdrop of a supernatural London gang war, Naomi and Raphael embark on a love story that will change them both forever.

Award winning filmmaker, Christine Edwards makes her feature directorial debut with Retribution, after writing and producing a number of successful projects. Her film Cash and Curry went on to win the Best Film award at the Portobello film festival in 2008 and was followed up by Four Hours. Her trilogy of short films, the Sons of God trilogy, went on to win multiple awards during a successful festival run, and served as inspiration for Retribution. Most recently, she wrote and produced Gangsters, Gamblers & Geezers.

Retribution boasts a range of stars, including Calum Best (Dangerous Game), Amar Adatia (Gangsters Gambers & Geezers, Dangerous Game), Alex Reid (Dangerous Game), Luke White (Love Island), Funda Onal (Made in Chelsea), Ayvianna Snow (Dangerous Game), Jake White, and Reuben Beau Davies.

Retribution will be available from Asda, HMV, Amazon and on iTunes from September 5th.

You have quite a slate of films behind you, please can you tell us about your latest film Retribution?

Off course I can, Retribution is an epic story about angels in London. It is a love story between a suicidal girl and a fallen angel set against a backdrop of a London gang war. We see the fallen angels manipulate a laid back semi-gangster into a cold hearted killer and this unit of fallen angels pull themselves apart due to a centuries long feud.

You are known for having reality stars in your films, why did you choose celebrities from this genre?

All the reality stars I have in my films have fantastic talent – they may not be known for their acting ability but it’s clear to see in the films and I wanted to tap into that talent.

Please can you tell us more about your character in Retribution?

Kyber is a fallen angel who is an intense guy, he is genuinely not happy unless everyone around him is miserable! Kyber starts off the film as a slick fallen angel, the coolest guy in the room, who is respected by the other fallen angels but his hatred for Raphael, causes him to start to unravel on screen making him unpredictable and dangerous. Put it this way: you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of Cyber – he will pound you to a pulp and then you’ll apologise to him for getting your blood on his shirt.

What would be a role you would love to play and why?

I would love to play the British Tony Montana (Scarface) a guy who starts off with less nothing and using only his wits and balls wins the everything “The world is Yours” –  I love that.

Retribution is available in Asda, HMV, Amazon and on iTunes from September 5th, for those who haven’t seen the film, please let me know why they should buy it?

There is no other film out there like Retribution – it’s all about angels. The film shows rival gangs of angels using human gangsters as pawns in their game. As well as angel warfare we have this backdrop of amazing orchestral music in a music school. There is something for everyone in this film – angels, London gangsters, and a love story.

What has been your favourite moment filming Retribution?

There was this scene on a luxury yacht hotel in London with this amazing view of Canary Wharf. We filmed an intense scene between myself and Calum where our characters size up to each other towards the end of the film. We were all dressed in these slick black suits against the lights of canary wharf so it looked and felt amazing.

British film has been making quite a mark on the world, why do you think this is?

We have the best actors and crew in the world. Our dominance of the film market is down to our talent. Look at our history: Shakespeare, Ealing Studios, Hammer Horror, we have always had a  way of telling the world a good story. There is a lot of talent here in independent British film, we just need a way to get more people in the UK to see these films. The government needs to really support us and take action to enact some kind of tax break for cinemas to make them show independent British films, so we can continue telling these amazing stories.

For those who are just starting out into acting, could you please give them some advice?

Think outside of the box and create your own roles. No-one is going to give you your big break, you have to go out there and grab it yourself.

How do people keep in touch with you?

I am pretty active on twitter and Instagram, in fact I am on it every day so people can tweet me  @amaradatia What do you have coming up next?

What do you have coming up next?

I am currently making a new movie called dead ringer which is an action film

Starring Luke White , Tom Zanetti , Ricky Rayment , Sinitta, Danielle Harold , Laura Carter, Chantelle Connelly, Jordi Whitworth and many more

We are shooting that now in London and Florida. Release will be Spring 2018,



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