FILM REVIEW – Lost Face: Survival of the smartest. Or not?

Sean Meehan’s award-winning short film Lost Face is based on the Jack London’s Lost Face short stories.

The first shot already sets the tone for the rest of the movie. Dark, mysterious and magical. It starts with the aftermath of a devastating attack by the Nulato people against some fur robs and traders from Russia. Most of them already have met their ultimate faith of death. However there still one last remaining captive, named Subienkow (Martin Dubreuil), who will do everything in his power to escape. Literally, his power because according to himself he knows the medicine that makes the skin as hard as iron and the body resistant to any attack, no matter how brutal. Shouting out to the Nulato chief Makamuk (Gerald Auger), he demands his freedom and Makamuk’s daughter in return for the secret recipe of the medicine. At first side, Makamum seems very sceptical about the strange man offering him an unknown medicine to mankind. So, to prove its worth, Subienkow offers to make a batch, rub it on his neck and let Makamuk strike him with an axe multiple times. Will the medicine really works or will Subienkow last hour has arrived? You need to see that for yourself.

Why does it make this psychological thriller so good? First of all, it’s the adaptation of the seven shorts stories in one short movie that approximately only last for 14 minutes. We’re always surprised how directors and producers managed to tell a great and captivating story in such as short amount of time and with Lost Face, Sean Meehan and his team did exactly that. From the first moment, the story really draws your attention to the screen. Not only because of the great story but also because the obscure and secretive vibe that has been created by the amazing cinematography from director Meehan himself. The acting performances of the overall cast are also very fine, especially from Auger as Makamuk, who’s dressed in the wonderful and colourful clothing of the Nulato people, and Martin Dubreuil as Subienkow, who really knows how to portray a guy with secrets of his own.

Lost Face is a great movie that tells a strong story with a fascinating cinematography, sounds and delightful acting performances.

Just Celebrity Magazine Film and Celebrity Reporter, Liselotte Vanophem

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