FILM REVIEW – The Zim: A fascinating story that makes us think about the past and the future

The Zim – Official Trailer from Alexander Bedria on Vimeo.

Nowadays, it might be better, but certainly not solved, but the race dispute between black and white has been proven very problematic and bloody in the past. Most of the time movies, which focus on this topic, tell the story from the side of the black people who most are the time are portrayed as slaves and victims while the white people are the masters and superior. Not the new Alexander Bedria film The Zim. He decided to tell the story from both sides and for once, the stereotypic roles are (almost) fully twisted the other way around.

At the beginning, it might seem that The Zim is like any other film regarding this theme. Daniel Silva (Alexander Bedria himself), a white rich farmer who gets the help from a black ‘slave’ William Zimunya (Tongayi Chirisa). However, Zimunya isn’t a slave but more a friend of Silva, who live together with their wives in one house. All in peace. Sadly, an end to that peace has come when Wilson Matonga (Shaun Baker) and his gang turn up in front of the house with an official document in which is stated that Silva’s land and house belong to them. Matonga is there to claim his possessions, driven by hatred and anger because of the repression of the African people in the past. Matonga gives Silvia an ultimatum: Leaving the house and land or dying in the hands of Matonga. Will Silvia leaves his beloved property behind and go with his wife to someplace else or will he fight for all the things he built, thanks to his hard work?

This fascinating story, with a lot of different references to the troublesome past and how to solve those problems in the future, can be told in the short amount of time, is always amazing to see. What’s also great to see are the tremendous acting performances. Most of the actors already have a long list of projects behind them. We were able to see Bedria in television series such as Ray Donovan and CSI: Miami and movies such as The Amazing Spider-Man and Papa and so now, he plays a broken man who is torn apart by the important ultimatum. Baker, who portrays a guy who wants payback for his ancestors past (no matter how hard and bloody that payback can be) has acted in a lot of famous television series such as CSI: Miami and Medium. In The Zim they get great support from Amanda Wing (Dawson’s Creek) and Constance Ejuma (Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders).

Why do you should go and watch The Zim? Well, first of all, the topic makes you think about the past but also about the future and how to solve the race problem. Secondly, you will see some beautiful cinematography and last but not least, the great performance will grab your attention from the first second until the end credits.

A heart-breaking movie, that’s well-directed and with stellar acting. 

Just Celebrity Magazine Film and Celebrity Reporter Liselotte Vanophem


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