FILM – Two Balloons: Beautiful and dreamy short film with a wonderful story


Two Balloons is an amazing ride.

Two Balloons (2017) Trailer from Mark Smith on Vimeo.

Want to escape to a stunning and dreamy world for a few minutes while seeing a wonderful story? Then you should watch Two Balloons, the latest short film from director Mark C. Smith (A House, A Home). The film was already screened at the Portland International Film Festival and TIFF Kids International Film Festival earlier this year and it also made it onto the bill of the Tribeca Film Festival and Atlanta Film Festival, two film festivals that will start soon. We definitely understand why the film festivals are so fond of this very beautiful movie.

Two Balloons tells the story of two ring-tailed lemurs who are traveling with two balloons to a place where they can be together and where their love will be able to blossom forever. However, it seems to be a very difficult task. They have to overcome big distances, dizzying heights, and life-threatening storms. Will these cute lovers be able to reunite or will this be a task they can’t handle?

From the opening scene, it becomes clear that Smith and his team didn’t save any effort to make a great movie because the level of detail is just impeccable. From the technical travel tools to the food but also from the balloons itself to the scenery. It’s all just perfectly and beautifully crafted. Not one single word has been said during the short movie but it doesn’t matter. Thanks to the small gestures and subtle movements, the difference between the male and female lemur are clearly visible and the story comes to live in a very stunning way.

Two Balloons wasn’t only mesmerizing because of the gorgeous animation but also because of the incredible topics. Loved, being loved and doing everything for each other. We’re sure we all have been there at some point in our life. Together with the two cute lemurs, we went on a rollercoaster, full of emotions and it was an amazing ride.

If you have the chance to catch Two Balloons at one of the next film festivals, you should definitely go and check it out! It’s a beautiful film that will take you to a dream place and let you forget about all the rest. Sadly, it’s a very short daydream (we would love to see a full movie of this) but it’s one totally worth it.

Liselotte Vanophem, Film and Celebrity Reporter


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