FILM – Sunaj Raca’s ‘The Albanian Recruit’ wins Best Actor Award at The London Independent Film Festival

Sunaj Raca has over 30 years experience as an actor, having recently made his directorial debut with the Kosovo Desperate Search, his welcome second feature The Albanian Recruit just premiered at The London Independent Film Festival. This must-see film shares the sad story of Kosovo youngsters who are recruited into criminal groups. Edon Mulaj won the Best Actor award at the London Independent Film Festival.

After the assassination of his brother, Leke situation changes dramatically. He is recruited in gang activities, in the same group as his deceased brother. Leke takes his brother’s place. In addition, the burden of vengeance is present, he wants to kill his brother’s assassin. This is one of the sad stories of Kosovo youngsters recruited in gang criminal activities.

Actor and Director Sunaj Raça have played the protagonist in several roles in Kosovo film and theatre. His most successful films are the Oscar-nominated film ShokKolonaLost Exile and Home. Currently, he works as an actor and professor of cinematography. He also runs a film company in Kosovo.

Edon Mulaj started his acting career at a very young age as the protagonist of the TV show Shtepia Ime that was screened on national television in Kosovo. He starred in the short film titled 5 euro and now as Leka in The Albanian Recruit.

The Albanian Recruit – Trailer from More Raça on Vimeo.

The actors performing in this film are Edon Mulaj, Bekim Mulaj, Don Raca, Sunaj Raca, Veton Osmani, Mirsad Ferati, Alban Qela, Safete Rogova, Xhevat Kelmendi and Marko Caka. The Albanian Recruit was produced by Bekim Mulaj and is screening at The London Independent Film Festival on Friday 20th April, Sunday 22nd April and Thursday 26th April.


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