FILMS – Jon Frickey’s Cat Days is something you need to watch

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People always say that cats have nine lives and that they always come back as themselves. However, that saying isn’t true. They only have one life. But what if that life wasn’t as a cat but as a human? That’s what Cat Days, an easy-on-the-eye animated short movie from by Jon Frickey (Michelles Opfer, Baader-Meinhof-Komplett)

When Jiro, a young boy living with his father in Japan, is being taken to the doctor because of an illness, their worlds are being turned upside down. According to the doctor, Jiro has the cat flu. That might seems like any other. However, the only ones that can have that flu are… cats. According to the doctor, it means that Jiro is, in fact, a cat instead of a boy. Despite being absolutely sure of the diagnoses, some DNA samples are being sent to the lab for analysis. Of course, the dad is baffled by all of this but just like any other parent, he’s always there for his son. He starts to read the book “Raising Cats” just to make sure that his boy, in fact, a cat and if so that he can give him the best life possible. Both Jiro and his dad return to the doctor to hear the final verdict? Will it be the same diagnosis as the initial one or has there been a mistake? If you watch this pleasing short film, you will know the answer to the question.

Watch the trailer here

Despite the fact Cat Days is an animated one and only lasts 10 minutes, you really got to know Jiro, his family and his friends. You start to sympathize with them and start wondering if Jiro is really a cat or not. That “yes or no” question makes sure that you watch it until the very end because you just want to know the answer to that. The colours that are being used in the film might not be as any other but that’s what makes Cat Days unique in its own ways. In the more faster scenes, the animations smoothly dissolves into others and with that, the movie goes on quite fast.

Cat Days already have been screened at different festivals and it’s no surprise why. It’s a very easy-going, funny, youthful and unique short movie that will make you smile. We hope you will be able to catch it cause it’s something you need to watch.

A unique short movie that will make you smile.

Liselotte Vanophen, Just Celebrity Magazine Film and Celebrity Reporter

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