Edie: Breath-taking movie about life giving you a second chance

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They always say that you have to seize every day before it’s too late. We might not believe that when we’re young but we should because later you might regret things you didn’t do. So does Edie, the leading character in the newest Simon Hunter film of the same name. It’s a breath-taking movie about taking chances, conquering fears and living life while you still can.

After the death of her long-life husband and a heated argument with her daughter, Edie (Sheila Hancock) decides to make the (little) time she has left on this planet count. In a spur-of-the-moment, she books a train ticket to Inverness to discover all the beautiful things of Scotland. Something she always wanted to do but a plan which she had never put in action. Arriving at her destination, she encounters two of the most well-known things Inverness to offer. Pouring rain but also great hospitality. Jonny (Kevin Guthrie), a young man working in a hiking store, gives her a hand when she’s left outside due to a faulty hotel booking. He gets intrigued by her story and decides to help her out fulfilling her dream: Climbing the mountain that almost no one ever climbed before. As a preparation for the hike, Edie is taught the basic camping skills and skills on how to survive. She started to feel young again in her mind but sadly her body has almost reached its expiry date. It leads a lot of frustration between Edie and Jonny but also laughter and funny moments. Everything seems to go relatively well for both of them upon the point they are confronted again with Edie her age which might jeopardize their trip. Will they be able to continue or will Edie need to give up her dream for the second time?

Normally when it’s about a man and woman deciding to go on a trip together, both of them are in their late 20’ies – earlier 30’ies and most of the time they turn out to become more than just friends. Not in Edie and that’s what makes this movie unique. It’s about a one-of-a-kind friendship between two people that blossoms throughout the movie but one that stays platonic without any signs of love. No love aspect between those two and that’s a relief because with that Edie shows that there’s still room for purely friendship between men and women. It’s not only the subject matter that makes from Edie a great movie but also the way the story is told. There’s room for happiness, joyfulness, blissful moments but also sadness, angriness and coming to terms with your age.

The thing that makes this movie so breath-taking is without a doubt the incredibly beautiful shots of the Scottish Highlands. Very open, very heart-warming and if you combine this with the lively score from this film, you know you’re watching a movie that will grab your attention all the way through.

A movie that will grab your attention all the way through

The friendship between Edie and Jonny is what Edie is all about and so the chemistry between the leading actors has to be spot on. This is certainly the case in this movie! Hancock (The Dark Mile; Delicious) is mesmerizing as Edie, a woman who wants to give her best one more last time by doing what she always wanted to do and who clearly doesn’t let her define by her age. Alongside Hancock, we see Guthrie (Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald; Dunkirk) as the very compassionate Jonny, who never expected that Edie would have such a big impact on his life.

Edie is one of those feel-good movies that will make you realize you have to stop doubting yourself and start achieving the things you’re dreaming off. It combines a wonderful story with fascinating acting performances. Add an eye-widening cinematography and melancholic music to this and you get a movie that you should watch.

Liselotte Vanophem, Film and Celebrity Reporter


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