EIFF – Nevada: A joyful short animation about the surprises of life


What’s the most important thing in life? Your own car? An own house? Having billions of money? Well, not for Zoe and Eli, the leading characters in the newest stop-motion animated short movie from director Emily Ann Hoffman (Bug Bite; Ok, Call Me Back). No, for them love is all they could ever wish for.

With Nevada, Hoffman tells a very funny story about a few ordinary days of two lovebirds loving each other. Both outside and inside the bedroom. No worries. Just enjoying, relaxing and dreaming. But what if a small accident in the heat of the night turns their lives completely upside down? Then you get Nevada.

It’s not always that you see a stop-motion animated film about love and more particular the bedroom pleasures that come along with that and because of that Nevada is really one of a kind. Yes, it contains some NSFW scenes but not in an offensive way thanks to the nature of the film. It’s great to see that the taboos around some sexual topics are being portrayed in such as playful and witty way. Especially because for once both male and female aren’t the tanned, thin supermodels you see in the magazines. No, they’re just like you and I. People with bumps, flaws and body imperfections. Ok yes, sometimes those imperfections are a little bit too present due to which the animations can be seen as irritating for some people but that can be easily forgiven.

Nevada Trailer (2017) from Emily Ann Hoffman on Vimeo.

Would you like to check out a wonderful and joyful animated short movie about loving one and other and the surprises that can happen because of that? Yes, then you go and see Nevada. Do you want to leave this grey and nasty world for 12 delightful minutes? Yes, then Nevada is the perfect way of escaping.

Just Celebrity Magazine Film and Celebrity Reporter Liselotte Vanophem


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