Lunch ladies: Revenge never tastes this sweet


Someone who makes you laugh, who’s there for you when you need him/her the most and with who you share some passions. That’s a friend everyone deserves. Seretta (Donna Pieroni) and LouAnna (Mary Manofsky) are two best buddies who aren’t only lunch ladies at a high school cantina but who are also obsessed with Johnny Depp. Dreaming of becoming his personal chef, they just found out they’ve won a competition to meet him.

However, there’s only one tiny thing that can keep them from fulfilling their dreams. The air-fare of their trip isn’t included and so they need to keep saving money by working at the high school. Both of them love cooking but sadly they can’t perform their duties the fullest because the school won’t provide them with any fresh ingredients and so they end up serving food that tastes as bad as it looks. Their plans are on the brink of being shattered when the principal let them know that they might get fired if they don’t step up their game. It goes even from bad to worse when Seretta is confronted with the most self-centered student of the school and when things inside her snap and she goes on a rampage. At first sight, Seretta her future looks dark but there’s always that friend that will help you out with a very ingenious and also revengeful plan.

Both Pieroni (Hollywood DirtStill the King) and Manofsky (Criminal MindsThe Remake) make from this movie a very joyful and delightful one that will put a smile on your face instantly.  Their laughter and friendship is incredibly contagious and it makes you watch until the very end. Even when things are going downhill for both of them, they’re still staying as positive as they can because they have each other as well as Johnny Depp. The “fangirl” factor also contributes to the down-to-earth and funny side to this movie, thanks to which some of us might recognize ourselves on screen.

Both Pieroni (Hollywood Dirt; Still the King) and Manofsky (Criminal Minds; The Remake) make from this movie a very joyful and delightful one that will put a smile on your face instantly.

Not only the acting performances make from Lunch Ladies a very enjoyable movie, it’s just also the story in general. One about friendships, about dreams, hope but also about bullying, insecurity and angriness. Aspects we all have to deal with in life. Also the cinematography, made under the watchful eye of Chris Ekstein (Safety FirstSeduced), makes from this movie a very open, heart-warming and cheerful one.

If you have the chance to check out Lunch Ladies then you should definitely take it. It’s a movie that will keep you giggling for the entire 19 minutes it lasts and a long time after that. Writer and producer Clarissa Jacobson made from this film a very enjoyable one to watch in which Pieroni and Manofsky really shine as the two BFF’s and Johnny Depp lovers.

Film and Celebrity Reporter Liselotte Vanophem


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