2nd class: Fight hate with love

Black, White, Mixed Race,  British, Chinese and Italian. While nationality, race or ethnicity aren’t a problem for most of us, some people are still considering others as inferior or filthy and aren’t afraid of using verbal and even physical violence. That’s what the newest 2nd class movie (Void, Ceasar) is about. Jimmy Olsson’s latest short film, 2nd Class has screened at different film festivals such as Giffoni Film Festival (Italy) and Flickers Rhode Island Film Festival (Rhode Island) and it’s not surprising at all. It’s an easy to watch film with an incredibly important message. A message that most of the adults seem to forget.

Intrigued by the innocence, ambition, and curiosity of children, Charlotte (Hannah Alem-Davidson) starts her new job as a teacher. Nervous at first, she’s feeling incredibly welcome by the children because of their openness and acceptance. As a celebration of her new job, she heads with friends to the town where she sadly encounters violence. She is attacked by a Nazi (Jimmy Olsson) because of her foreign decent and is severely injured. Not letting her injuries getting in the way of her work, she decides to go back to the classroom. However, while giving the children the assignment of making their family tree, she makes an unexpected discovery that might have an impact on her future and that of her student Anton (Mio Adermark). Will she be able to teach him a valuable lesson that he hopefully will take with him during his further life and will the parental influence already had too much influence on the boy?

Yes, there’s room for violence but 2nd Class isn’t driven by violence at all. It’s a movie about acceptance, the ability to forgive and about not judging a child by its ascendance but just as a child ready to discover the world. It’s also about a teacher with the passion to teach children more than just math or grammar. Teaching life, love, and gratefulness. Something we as adults need to think about more. As the very forgiving teacher we see Hannah Alem-Davidson of who 2nd Class is her second movie (after Stödgruppen). She’s putting on a wonderful and heart-warming performance as a teacher wanting to fight hate with love. Opposite her, we see young actor Mio Adermark (Dear Father) as Anton who’s as innocent as all the children in his class but whose origin might already have defined his future.

The movie includes an important message that you will remember, one that adults should keep in mind more often.

Liselotte Vanophem, Film and Celebrity Reporter – Just Celebrity Magazine


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