One Leg in, One Leg Out: The uplifting story of a transgender woman who wants to turn her life around after years of working as a sex worker

ONE LEG IN, ONE LEG OUT- TRAILER from Lifted Eyes Media on Vimeo.

Despite the fact we’re living in the 21st century, sometimes it feels like we’re stuck in the old days, especially when it comes to topics such as sex, sexuality, and sex workers. There’s still a taboo around those which shouldn’t be in a modern area like this. Award-Winning Documentary filmmaker Lisa Rideout decided to include these topics in her short documentary latest into One Leg In, One Leg Out, and the results are touching and emotional. It makes us realize that people should be able to live their life without being judged, overlooked or criticised.

Sadly, transgender women aren’t always accepted in society these days and it’s time to change that. Iman, who’s been a transgender sex worker for decades, wants to give people like her a better future. In the hope to break the taboo around this once and for all, she’s starts to explore the option of going back to college to become a social worker. It would be her lifelong dream to help out others from her transgender community and give them a place where they can be themselves.

Based on the real life of Iman, Rideout’s One Leg In, One Leg Out has both the glitter and glamour but also the seriousness that goes with the sensitivity of these topics. This short documentary is incredibly well balanced when it comes to emotions (not too much or too little) and it doesn’t give in to clichés or injustice. It represents the moving and gripping story of a transgender woman wanting to help others whilst achieving her dream.

Rideout is no stranger when it comes to astonishing short documentaries. Her previous works Take a Walk on the Wild Side won the Canadian Screen Award for Best Short Documentary Film during the 6th Canadian Screen Awards recently and we’re sure that One Leg In, One Leg Out will win awards. The film is just starting its festival run so there’s an incredibly bright future waiting for it.

If you have the chance to check out this wonderful One Leg In, One Leg Out then you should do that. It’s an impressive portray of a woman whose wants to break free from her terrible and sad past by achieving her dream. A dream which will help others in need as well. Isn’t that something we should all applaud?

Liselotte Vanophem, Film and Celebrity Reporter – Just Celebrity Magazine

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