Two Strangers Who Meet Five Times: The incredibly intriguing short film about the unpredictability of life

Two Strangers Who Meet Five Times – Short film trailer from Marcus Markou on Vimeo

How many times have we heard: “Nothing is a coincidence in life. Everything happens for a reason.”? Too many probably. Sometimes you might not believe it but every time something happens, you think about that phrase and its truth.  Two Strangers Who Meet Five Times which is written and directed by Marcus Markou (Papadopoulos & Sons, The Last Temptation of Chris) shows in an incredibly intriguing and charming way that there is indeed something like fate and purpose in life.

How annoying can it be when you’re in an unbelievable hurry and the person in front of you in line for the cash machine is extremely slow? Normally this wouldn’t have an impact on our lives for more than the five minutes we’re waiting in line but not for Alistair (Laurence Spellman). He becomes abusive and offensive to the man in front of him (Sargon Yelda). Apart from the rude words exchanged between the two men, neither of them pays any more attention to it when they split ways until Alistair is on the brink of getting a brand-new job. Seeing his potential new boss for the first time, he encounters the same man he insulted in front of the cash machine. When thinking back on his life and his lost job opportunity, Alistair is realizing that those two meetings might not be the first times he met the mysterious man.

No, in total it will turn out that both men will bump into each other five times in their lives. All during different times, at different ages and in different circumstances. One of the reasons why Two Strangers is so intriguing is the aspect of meeting people again and again and what their purpose in your life might be. We’ve all been there. Surely, we all thought about how our lives would be if we haven’t met that one person, lover or friend and how they impacted our lives more than we could image. The very human story makes from Two Strangers a very fascinating movie.

With a human story come human emotions. Both Spellman (Fury, Ready Player One) and Yelda (Spectre, Strike) are extremely captivating. The first one as Alistair, who thinks very highly of himself who soon learns life the hard way. The other as Samir, a man who will always have to deal with racism and discrimination but always shows his love and compassion, no matter how hard life can be.

Also, the cinematography and the production design make the human vibes shine through this movie. No specials effects or VFX (or at least it looks like that), just everyday life. As if you would have filmed this movie with an incredibly professional steady camera capturing the way of life of ordinary people.

It’s a film with a very appealing humanly story with wonderful acting performances. Make sure you watch it!

Liselotte Vanophem, Film and Celebrity Reporter – Just Celebrity Magazine


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