The Interview: The things we do for fame

We all love fame, despite the fact we don’t want to admit it. We all watch those very funny, strange, weird or just sad videos that have gone viral. For some of us, it is pure entertainment for us whereas for other people,  it’s their way of living; making new videos every day, trying to get as many views as possible and getting paid for it. With his latest film, director Stefan Fairlamb (Falsified) shows that people aren’t afraid of anything anymore as long as they can earn money by making videos. Even if it would mean hurting others.

A job interview is always nerve-wracking. It doesn’t matter if you’ve done 1 time, 10 times or 100 times, it is still very stressful even for the most stress-resistant people amongst us. Robert Stevens is a person with low self-esteem, almost no experience and still using old-school technology equipment so he might not be the perfect person to work in a fancy and modern video company. However, he’s taking his changes and meets up with Joseph Green (Ashley Tabatabai), an opportunistic entrepreneur with a talent for making videos going viral. After a good job interview, Robert’s new job is almost within his reach with one final phase of his interview left, which demands him to come out of his comfort zone completely, both morally and physically. Will he be able to conquer his fears to get his “out-of-his-league” job or will the job flash right before his eyes?

If you’re not into social media; going on Snapchat and snapping this, capturing that or streaming something, then you’re someone who clearly doesn’t belong on this planet anymore. It’s great to see this in The Interview because it makes us think about our current social media usage.

This 8-minutes long film is all about the job interview between Stevens and Green and so the on-screen chemistry between Wagstaff and Tabatabai had to be spot on. And it was.  We see Wagstaff (6 days, The Time of Their Lives) as the timid, insecure and nervous job seeker who is determined to fight for what he wants. Opposite Wagstaff is Tabatabai (Falsified, Allies) as the flamboyant, extroverted and outgoing content maker. The setting in which the interview is taking place is fantastic; a very old-school American diner where instant coffee and eggs and bacon rules. If every job interview could be held in a place like that, you would instantly feel more relaxed, calmer and it would all go so much smoother.

The film festival season is ongoing right now.  The Interview is being submitted to different film festivals all over the world and we wouldn’t be surprised if it was selected for multiple screenings everywhere. The amazing acting performances and the intriguing story will make this film an audience favourite.

Liselotte Vanophem, Film and Celebrity Reporter – Just Celebrity Magazine

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