Rudolf Buitendach’s psychological thriller ‘Hex’ will keep you on your toes

Rudolf Buitendach’s psychological thriller Hex is inspired by true events and shares the story of a backpacker whose new girlfriend isn’t all she seems. This exciting psychological horror stars Ross McCall (Band of Brothers), Kelly Blatz (Fear the Walking Dead), Adrian Hough (Chilling Adventure’s of Sabrina) and Jenny Boyd (Legacies). The film is directed by Rudolf Buitendach (Selling Isobel) and screened at Raindance Film Festival in September and October.

A young backpacker’s holiday romance turns into a nightmare when the girl of his dreams starts to suffer from strange and terrifying blackouts, and in their desperate search for a cure, the couple become the unwitting playthings of a vengeful and horrific entity.

Hex was filmed in the Killing Fields of Cambodia, whilst filming one of the crew contracted a flesh eating disease and a number of the film’s team fell ill. The local Cambodians were so spooked by the film’s locations that they insisted on having a local Buddhist priest bless the entire crew, a story that could mirror a horror film itself.

Writer Christian Piers Betley is an international award winning filmmaker who has developed numerous feature movies such as 13 Eerie (starring Michael Shanks), Stranded (starring Christian Slater), Break Out (starring Brendan Fraser) and Dark Hearts (starring Lucas Till).  He also develops projects for Oscar winning and award winning companies, studio executives and directors. The film was co-produced by Steve Bakken, alongside Hex, Bakken’s credits include GutterBee, written and directed by acclaimed actor Ulrich Thomsen, and lensed by Oscar winner Anthony Dod Mantle (Slumdog Millionaire).

Director Rudolf Buitendach’s award winning body of work includes Indoor FireworksDark Hearts which debuted on Showtime and stars Lucas Till (MacGuyver) and Goran Visnjic (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) and Where The Road Runs Out, which was distributed by Netflix and released by Sony Home Entertainment. His previous film Selling Isobel previously won at Raindance.

This exciting film’s Executive Producers Paul Pan and Richard Wang are CEO and President respectively, of Nautican International Enterprises Ltd. 

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