Coyote: Crying Out Loud for revenge

Coyote, the latest short film by Swiss filmmaker Lorenz Wunderle is certainly one of a kind. It is incredible and such an original.  

Together with his wife and two children, the coyotes are on the lookout for their next meal. However, tragedy strikes when a group of wolves attacks the coyote’s wife and two children.  As he loses his family, the coyote becomes desperate, heartbroken and hopeless. To drown his sorrows, the Coyote turns to booze and just like everyone else, when that “one glass becomes too much”, things become blurry and the world starts to turn upside down. The emotions of grief and sadness are replaced by payback and the thirst for blood. How far will he go to make sure the wolves get the revenge they deserve?

Most of the time, animations are happy, joyful and totally innocent. Well, not this time. It’s not every day that black, dark blue and furious red are the most used colours in an animation but that is what makes this movie stand out from other animations. The images were created by a five-piece team: Fela Bellotto, Aira Joana, Julia Munz, Etienne Mory, and director Lorenz Wunderle himself. Now that is what you call a dream team!

Coyote has been selected for different film festivals such as the Berlinale and Palm Springs Shortsfest, it also won multiple awards and we get why the critics and audiences love this film. It’s a short movie with a very authentic and fresh (bloody) story that will grip you until the very end. You will love it.

Coyote – Trailer from YK Animation on Vimeo.

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