The Price for Silence: A story that needs to be heard, a film that needs to be seen

The Price For Silence Trailer from Tony Germinario on Vimeo.

Everyone has a secret or even more than one. Some we share with our closest friend and some we don’t share at all. Some are funny and playful secrets and others are pitch black dark ones. Most of them are innocent while some of them come at a very high price. In The Price for Silence, Tony Germinario (Bad Frank, Wingman Inc.) shows that no matter how dark the secret is or how much money you have, the story and the truth needs to be told always. Especially when it’s told via an amazing, gripping and touching film.

Life isn’t kind for the rebellious, bad-mouthed and sex lover Kira Flynn (Lynn Mancinelli) at all. Her estranged father just died and her mother is listed in her cell phone as ‘bitch’ so we can only guess what happened there. Whatever it was, it will have to be resolved soon as Kira is visiting her mother and brother because of her father’s funeral. Arrived at her elderly house and town, memories from the past are coming back to Kira and sadly they’re not unicorns and rainbows. While she’s trying to repress them, she and her brother Lucas (Emrhys Cooper) are catching up on life, love, and sister-brotherhood. Both have the time of their lives which comes with booze, drugs, sex and a lot of humour. Their grieving mother is still trying to do everything to cope with both the loss of her husband as well as the rebellious behaviour of her children. Things are getting better when Lucas’ artwork is being displayed in the local art gallery owned by one of the most prestigious, wealthy and influential families of the town. Everyone knows the Davenport family for their help, both financial and emotional. Even Kira’s mom Sheila (Kristin Carey) was helped by them. But behind all that wealth and power lies a very dark secret. A secret that Kira sadly has to carry around with her. How long will she be able to keep her silence before doing what she has to do? And with which price will come that?

The Price for Silence already won multiple awards and was the biggest winner during the Accolade Competition this year in which both the cast as well as the film itself were crowned winners. It would be no surprise if the film catches more awards in the upcoming award race because it excels in different areas. First of all, it’s the incredibly gripping story. It shows that the things we see and the things on the surface can be very misleading and not what they seem. Especially when money is involved. It also makes us realize that if a secret is too dark, too hard or too difficult, you should share it with someone. Especially when it hurts you emotionally, physically but most importantly psychologically. This film shows that you should speak the truth whenever you feel like. Don’t hold back and let it go as it probably will help you.

An emotional and raw film doesn’t only rely on the moving story but also on the acting performances. From the start, it’s not hard to see why the cast was praised for its work. The true star of this movie is without a doubt leading actress Lynn Mancinelli (The Thing, Bad Frank). She portrays Kyra in an incredibly thrilling and exciting way with humour and laughter but also with seriousness and darkness. We hope that her performance won’t only get her more awards but also that It inspires other women, who are going through the same difficult life as Kyra are getting their confidence to find their voices. Alongside Lynn, we see Emrhys Cooper (Frank and Ava, Englishman in L.A: The Movie) as Lucas, a young man who’s looking for his identity and who uses his paintings to find what he’s looking for. The chemistry between Mancinelli and Cooper is impeccable and will make you laugh, cry but also shiver and angry. As the very conservative and also rather naïve Sheila Flynn, Kristin Carey (Family Vanished, Funeral Day) is mesmerizing and her character learns us that appearances can be incredibly deceiving and the more money, the more deceiving.

It’s not only the story or acting performances that make from this movie a great one, but it’s also the combination of the very fitting cinematography, from Mike Hechanova, and musical score, from former Blondie guitarist Paul Carbonara. Dark colours and moving music are very much present in this film and it adds another dynamic to the importance of the story. Just as in anyone’s life living with Kyra’s secret most of the times can be dark, depressive and there seems no way out. However, once in a while there’s a small sparkle of hope and light, just like in this movie.

Fingers crossed that The Price for Silence gets a  worldwide cinema release because if not, an important story like that won’t be heard again. It would an incredible shame if that does happen because not only of the story but also because of the harsh and raw acting performances, excellent cinematography, and moving music.


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