This Perfect Day: A charming and wonderful movie about how fast life can change

What comes to mind when you think of a perfect day? Is it an extra day off work, a day with the love of your life, just a sunny day or something else? We all have different ideas about how the perfect day would look like and for Julia, it might involve finding someone she’s been looking for a long time. Her story is being told in the short film “This Perfect Day” from director Lydia Rui (“Touching is Teaching”, “This Is Yarra”), which is a charming and wonderful movie.

Today is going to be a day that’s going to change Julia’s (Michelle Keating) life forever. With her girlfriend Ruby (Hannah Koch), she’s ready for her biggest challenge. As a music lover, she steps into a music store. While not knowing what to buy, the store manager John (Lee Mason) is helping her out. However, the man might mean more to her than just anyone selling her a guitar. But what is the connection between them?

Rui didn’t only direct this film but she also wrote the story for it. First of all, Rui drew inspiration from her own life while writing the script for this film so this immense person touch you feel when watching this is what sets this movie aside. While more and more movies are putting LGBT in the spotlight, it is still underrepresented. The fact that a gay female couple is being represented on screen with love and care is the second reason why you should watch “This Perfect Day”.

Another element why “This Perfect Day” needs to have a place on your to-watch list is the superwomen who made this short film. The movie was created by a predominately female crew and it also stars a superb leading lady, the non-binary Michelle Keating (“Watch Me”, ). She gives an emotional, touching but also mysterious and dark performance. According to director Lui’s films, moving image is the most powerful conduit for expanding empathy and we couldn’t agree more after watching Keating portraying Julia. With regards to the unknown man Julia is encountering at the music store, we see Lee Mason (“Underbelly”, “Crime and Punishment”). There’s not much dialogue between them but even without spoken words, their performances are incredibly poignant.

Saying that, “This Perfect Day” is loved by both public and film festival programmers would be an immense understatement as the movie was one of the 63 short films screened at the Tribeca Film festival this year. The film festival received a record number of 5131 submissions so what an incredible achievement it was for Lydia Rui and her team, especially because the screening it’s the world premiere. The short movie is a beautiful and lovely one about how one day can change your life completely.

THIS PERFECT DAY | Teaser from Abe Wynen on Vimeo.


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