Touch me: The devastating consequences of Breast Cancer

When you’re in a relationship, you try to support your other half in the best way possible; through thick and thin, in good times and in bad and in sickness and in health. Director Eileen Byrne (Legal.Illegal, La Nuit Passée) tells a highly emotional, touching and heartbreaking story in her latest film, Touch Me.

Alice (Kristin Suckow) lives with her boyfriend Max (Max Bretschneider) and they seem to have an ordinary life. They are having nights out, fun and joyful moments but there’s a black cloud hanging over their heads: Alice’s breast cancer. Together they are trying to face it but that’s easier said than done. While Max is trying to cheer up his wife, it doesn’t seem to work as Alice is worried about the devastating consequences. They both adore each other but day after day, their arguments get even more heated and their relationship is put under a lot of pressure. Will cancer destroy the lives of this sweet couple or will they be able to fight it?

Whether you were the victim of breast cancer or helping someone who’s going through that rough and hard time, you recognize yourself more than you probably would like to. It’s precisely that recognizable, human and intimate story that makes this film such a moving and poignant one.

Not only does the story make this film such a gripping one but also the acting performances from both Kristin Suckow (Devotion, Tiger Girl) and Max Bretschneider (100 Things) as Alice and Max.  Suckow pulled off a beautiful, emotional and fragile performance and Bretschneider is marvelous as the funny, loving but also desperate and struggling Max.

Touch Me has just received its worldwide premiere at the Palm Springs International ShortFest and hopefully many film festivals will follow worldwide. This latest short film from director Eileen Byrne is not only a socially important movie as it shows us the emotional consequences of having to live with breast cancer but it’s also a captivating one led by two stunning actors.

Film and Celebrity Reporter Liselotte Vanophem


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