Low: Mysterious and intriguing film


Low Teaser from Daniel Bogran on Vimeo.

Most of the time, we just live a life full of routines and during which every day is the same. It seems like an ordinary life. However, there are also moments during which we believe in faith and that everything happens for a reason. Nothing is by chance. Well, writer-director Daniel Bogran decided to dedicate his film debut to those moments. He made from “Low” a fascinating, secret and dark short film.

“And you’d think it was a matter of chance…”. That’s actually how we could describe the story is one sentence but we gladly tell you a little bit more about “Low”. Sad news for Jef (Vincent Cusimano). His job application was rejected and now his future is on the line. If we would be in his shoes, we would start looking again for a new job and so did he. His newest job is not one we would recommend. Jef has now turned to the darker side and decided to do things such as robbing small convenience stores. However, one fatal evening changes his life forever. It results in death. His or someone else’s? One thing is for sure: It can never be taken back.

Questions like “maybe I should have made another choice?”, “If it’s meant to be, it’s to be” and “There’s nothing like a coincidence” pop up in this movie and those are questions we’re more than familiar with. That familiarity is one of the elements that makes from this film such a captivating one. Thanks to those questions, the audience can fill in the blanks however they want: would you take the same path, make the same decisions or just live your life differently? The story of “Low” is very open for interpretations and different points of view. Being able to include that in the film while telling a complex, dark and mysterious story in such a short amount of time makes Bogran his storytelling so impeccable.

One of the other aspects that contributes to that mystifying feeling is the editing. Fast-paced during the robbery scene and the more anxious scenes and slow-paced during the more emotional and heart-breaking ones. Also, the colour range brings that secretive and touching vibe to life. Whether it’s the dark and black colours or the lighter and white ones, it all fits beautifully. Last but not least, there’s also the (lack of) sound. More bombastic during the actions scenes and almost no music during the more moving scenes.

Of course, a film wouldn’t be anything without great performances. This film is being carried by two strong male leads. On one hand, you have Vincent Cusimano (“Grindsploitation 4: Meltsploitation”, “60 Seconds to Die) who puts on an intriguing, captivating and emotional display while on the other hand, there’s Ryan Caraway (“Soundwave”, “Battleborn”) with his secretive, suave and on-point performance. Both of them bring a real rock ‘n roll vibe to this film.

Last week, “Low” got its world premiere at the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival and every film festival should be queueing up to program this debut feature. Bogran made from “Low” a very peculiar, dark and thrilling short film. Fingers crossed that this movie will become film festivals all over the world because it needs to be seen by as many people as possible.

Liselotte Vanophem, Film and Celebrity Reporter

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