The Gold Movie Awards Launch the GMA Expo and Academy on the 9th January 2020

The Gold Movie Awards were created by Italian director Marco Recalchi, actor and producer Jason Matthewson and Antony Reolon, in partnership with The Old Film Farm, Ikon Films and Skyup Academy. The GMA’s exhibit the best in upcoming and seasoned filmmakers alike, providing a crucial platform to showcase their work and be awarded in a professional setting. The annual awards are now in their 3rd year and will be held on January 9th, 2020 at the Regent Street Theatre. Last year the awards attendees and panelists included Billy Zane, Karen Bryson MBE, Chizzy Akudolu, Iain Glen, Sadie Frost and more.

In 2019 the Gold Movie Academy® was launched in conjunction with the GMA expo to further give back to the independent film community. Offering invaluable access to key members of the entertainment business in various departments by way of seminars, workshops, master classes and keynote speeches centered on the career and skills of our speakers and distinguished guests.

The seminars will include Casting & Talent Management, Film Festival & Distribution, Production, Finance & Development and Media & Film Press.

The GMA Expo will allow films, brands, and companies to be seen in the heart of the West End and promote their work.

Seminar 1 – Casting & Talent Management

Seminar 1 will focus on casting and talent management including all the in’s and out’s the actor never gets to see. Answering what are casting directors ultimate factors when booking you, or not, for a role and what it takes to get signed to the books of a major agency. Join our industry lead panel as they discuss these topics and many more.Date : Jan 9th 2020
Location : University of Westminster (Regent Street)
Time : 10am – 11am

Interview with Sadie Frost at the Gold Movie Awards 2019 

Seminar 2 – Film Festival & Distribution

So you’ve made your movie, now its time to get some recognition, awards and get it distributed. Seminar 2 will discuss film festivals and distribution, exploring where you need to begin and what festivals to choose. Our expert panel will give you the inside scoop on the avenues you should be pursuing to ensure the best, widest and most successful release for your film.

Panellists : Rebekah Louise Smith of The Film Festival Doctor, Billy Herman of The Film Festival Doctor,
Date : Jan 9th 2020
Location : University of Westminster (Regent Street)
Time : 11:15am – 12:15pm

Seminar 3 – Production, Finance & Development

Seminar 3 will be focused on production, finance and development. What does it take to secure a Hollywood scale budget? Once you’ve secured the money how is it spent and where? Learn from Hollywood’s best on what it takes to attract A list talent and how to manage them once you’ve got there.

Panellists : Marco Recalchi & Jason Matthewson – Gold Movie Awards® Directors, Hollywood Producer/writer and director Eric Blakeney
Date : Jan 9th 2020
Location : University of Westminster (Regent Street)
Time : 12:30pm – 1:30pm

Interview with Billy Zane at the Gold Movie Awards 2019 

Seminar 4 – Media & Film Press

Seminar 4 will be centered on media and film press. As most of us know getting into the press isn’t that difficult, what is tricky however, is getting into it for the right reasons. Learn from the UK’s best publicist how to create a brand in the media that you can not only be proud of, but one which you can build and capitalize on. What does it take and how do you go about getting your film considered at such festivals as the Academy Awards (Oscars), BAFTA, Gold Movie Awards®, Sundance, Cannes etc.

Panellists : Catherine Lyn Scott of London Flair PR
Date : Jan 9th 2020
Location : University of Westminster (Regent Street)
Time : 1:45pm – 2:45pm


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