TRIBECA – Query: The sunshine you need in moment of darkness

Having a best friend that you can share everything with is the most amazing feeling there is. Whether it’s having endless conversations about life, spending hours in the club, or just playing video games together, your time with him or her will always be unforgettable. Well, that also definitely the case for Jay and Alex whose unique friendship is now coming to life in Query, the short film from director Sophie Kargman (“Rampart”, “Soon You Will Be Gone and Possibly Eaten”).

Meet the best friends and housemates Jay (Justice Smith) and Alex (Graham Patrick Martin) who gladly show you their daily routine. One that starts with challenging one another on their opinions of sexuality while doing a crossword puzzle and of course, eating the mandatory breakfast cereals. It becomes clear straight away that the two young men aren’t shy of having deep conversations about any topic and this can lead to funny, lively, and unique moments. Moments that are interwoven in every part of their lives. No matter whether the men are playing videogames, enjoying the heating sun while lying in their pool, or just grabbing some beers, the open, funny, and spontaneous elements are always there. However, that might change when Jay and Alex decide to play another game…

Which tense game that is and how it will turn the lives of both Jay and Alex upside down, is something for you to find out. No better way to do that than watching this sunny, gorgeous and uplifting movie, one that you need more than ever. Here’s why.

First up, Smith (The Get Down”, “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”) and Martin (“Catch-22”, “Major Crimes”) make sure that you will instantly fall in love with “Query”. Jay is the more macho, single, and competitive of the two and this shows in the entertaining and robust performance of Smith. Alex, on the other hand, is the more emotional, dedicated, and passionate man who’s really in love with his girlfriend. This results in a more captivating, sentimental, and human performance of Martin. While both performances and characters are the total opposite, the chemistry between the leads is undeniably strong. There’s even a special cameo that will make the smile on your face even bigger. We’re pretty sure that you will call him by your name.

Also, the way this movie was crafted is one of the reasons why you will watch this movie from start to finish. Most of the shots are static ones that just focus on the characters and their lives. It’s all about the conversations and emotions and the lack of special effects and the absence of difficult scenes transitions highlight those even more. There’s also no musical score used which makes heightens that real-life vibe.

“Query” was supposed to get its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival next month but due to the postponement of the film festival, the audience will have to wait longer to see this movie. We hope not too long because this movie is one of the short movies you need to see as soon as you get the chance. Director Kargman, her two leads, and her wonderful short movie will bring you sunshine, warmth and, humor into your life in no time.

Liselotte Vanophem, Film and Celebrity Writer

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