Da Yie: A dangerous road trip in search of affection

When being you, you’re living a very free and innocent life. Playing with friends, not having to think about the future and seeing the good in everyone. Sadly, sometimes that naivety is being preyed upon, especially the one from children who haven’t the most luxurious or loving family life. That’s something we as a society have to take care off because it happens much more often than you would think. We’re reminded of that by director and co-writer Anthony Nti (“Boi”, “Postcard”) his “Da Yie” (English title: “Good Night”). This award-winning short movie shows in an authentic, captivating and delightful way that we have to help children all over the world because each of them needs a joyous life.

Right from the moment the children meet the stranger or ‘the foreigner’ as they like to call him, you know that the story is going to be more sinister than initially thought. Not only that darker element but also the real-life vibe that’s being created stunningly are the reasons why you keep on watching this short movie until the very end.

One of the components that makes sure that this movie feels very lifelike is the acting. Both Agortey and Enchil make their acting debut in this movie and that ‘lack of experience’ brings a lot of honesty, authenticity, innocence and adorability to this movie. If you combine this with Grovogui, who appeared in films such as “This Magnificent Cake!” and “The Life of Esteban”, and his wide range of emotions, then you get that sweet and innocent versus dangerous and risky vibe.

While watching “Da Yie”, it feels like you’re right there with Prince and Matilda during their journey and that feeling is being created by the perfect combination of naturally looking cinematography and the straightforward editing. Cinematographer Pieter-Jan Claessens  (“De Vloed”, “Howling”) made sure that there are no brisk interruptions and unnecessary difficult shots. At the same time, editor Frederik Vandewalle (“Bxl-Nord”, “Op kamp”) decided not to use special effects or too abrupt transitions between scenes.

This Ghanaian-Belgian co-production was shown during many film festivals such as the Amity Short Film Festival in Turkey, Whistler Film Festival in Canada, Stuttgarter Filmwinter in Germany and Minimalen Short Film Fest. Trondheim in Norway. That’s not surprising, though, knowing that this incredibly important topic is brought splendidly to life in this beautiful movie.

Liselotte Vanophem, Just Celebrity Magazine

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