Rebel : In a time where our nations appear internally divided, Rebel helps create a bridge for understanding.

Inspired by real events, Rebel captures the anxiety and desperation thousands of illegal immigrants endured in 2017 while fleeing to Canada in fear of deportation issued by the Trump Administration. A slew of global crises’ has surged in recent years, leading to a rise in illegal immigrants hoping to secure sanctuary in other countries. Regrettably, the increase in immigration has increased right-wing extremism. Filmmaker and Director Pier-Philippe Chevigny covers modern-day extremism from a child’s perspective; a demographic that remains untainted by the prejudice that infects the world.

In the past several years, right-wing extremism is commonly associated with the United States. In comparison to the US, Canada appears to be the actual “land of the free,” but in the time spent idolizing America’s neighbour, Canada’s shortcomings were overlooked. Immigrants worrying for their safety unknowingly escaped to an even more dangerous situation where Quebec’s right-wing groups hungrily awaited. Chevigny’s acts an interpreter for extremist groups refusing to paint them as simple-minded bigots but victims of their environment.

With selection at numerous world-class festivals including TIFF, Vladivostok, Regard and Busan; Rebel recounts hate as anything but a natural phenomenon. While a young boy has lived in a discriminatory environment, he made a personal choice not to hate. Unbeknownst to the differences that divide us children are the most capable of acknowledging right from wrong.  

In a time where our nations appear internally divided, Rebel helps create a bridge for understanding. Therefore, proving to be worthy of its copious accolades including the Best Short Film Award at the Tirana International Film Festival, the Golden Spike Award for Best Short Film at the Social World Film Festival and the Audience Awards at DC Shorts.

As a young filmmaker in Montreal Quebec, Pier-Philippe has worked tirelessly to create a unique sociopolitical signature with a suspenseful tone throughout his films. His short films have earned selection in world-class festivals attracting an international mass following and a deal with European broadcaster ARTE. Philippe’s unique take on socio-political issues have garnered him great success and is possibly a step forward to brokering peace between citizens at odds.

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