“Good thanks, you?”: An impactful and moving film about the terrible aftermath of sexual assault


Being sexually harassed is something none of us should have to deal with, but sadly, it still happens too often. Both women and men experience this daily, and this terrible experience undoubtedly has an impact, mentally and physically. However, there’s still a massive stigma hanging over the victims of sexual harassments. They’re being looked at like the one who provokes it, whether it’s by how they dressed or spoke, instead of being the victim. To remind us of that incredible social problem and the fact that this terrible mindset has to change rapidly, writer/director Molly Manning Walker (“The Forgotten C”) decided to release “Good thanks, you?”. Her latest short movie emphasises in an emotionally and beautifully way why it’s important to keep the conversation about this topic going

Right from the start of “Good thanks, you?”, you know that something terrible has happened to Amy (Jasmine Jobson). Breathing very heavy, behaving very anxious and receiving alarming telephone calls from her friends make you wonder what she had to go through the previous night. You won’t get that answer soon, not even when Amy spend the evenings with her boyfriend Lewis (“Micheal Ward”). While he feels that something’s off with her and offers a listening ear and help, she still refuses to open up. It’s no surprise why because when she opened up to therapeutics and doctors, she was being blamed for what happened to her. It goes from bad to worse for Amy. The more she shuts down, the worse her relationship with Lewis becomes and this only because of society’s mindset. How long can Amy keep this going before she collapse because of the aftermath of what happened to her?

When watching ‘Good thanks, you?’, the short film feels very real-life, and this is because the story is based on the actual life of Walker. She was sexually assaulted, and the difficult emotions she felt when trying to open up and the painful aftermath have been put in this movie is the most moving, outstanding and eye-opening way.

Making an impactful movie is extremely difficult, especially when the film only lasts for 13 minutes, but Walker does it like no other. The scene in which Amy wants to confide into multiple doctors and professionals is significant for both this movie as the people going through this in real life. The confusion, the rollercoaster of emotions and the anxiety is coming greatly to life because of the stunning cinematography from Anna MacDonald (“Pineapple”, “The Conversation”), the head-spinning editing by Stella Heath Keir (“Fuel”, “The Call Centre”) and the excellent performance of Jobson.

Jobson (“Lie Low”, “Surge”) her acting is the element that makes this story an even more poignant one. Having to express those many different feelings without words is hard, but Jobson does it like no other and makes sure that you feel every emotion Amy feels. Most of the scenes are between her and Ward and thanks to Ward’s (“The Old Guard”, “Blue Story”) equally emotional and touching performance; those scenes will hit you hard.

After being part of the Cannes Critics’ Week, Palm Springs ShortFest, Encounters Film Festival, BFI London Film Festival, Raindance Film Festival, Leeds International Film Festival and many more film festivals, it’s about time “Good thanks, you?” travels over the rest of the world. Not only because people all around the globe have to deal with a similar story but also because this is an impressive and moving film.

Liselotte Vanophem

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