Audun Amundsen’s short film ‘Help! I’ve Gone Viral’ focuses on a man who goes viral after making a song about Nasi Padang

Audun Amundsen’s documentary short film Help! I’ve Gone Viral shares a story of a man who goes viral after professing his love for Nasi Padang, an Indonesian dish. This film received its World Premiere at this year’s Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival.

Upon returning home to Norway after a holiday in Indonesia Audun Kvitland pens an ode to Nasi Padang West Sumatra’s most famous culinary export. He uploads his ditty to YouTube and much to his surprise it becomes a viral sensation in Indonesia.

Director Audun Amundsen is a Norwegian filmmaker who makes participatory and performative documentaries under his company GonzoDocs. Not only is he the producer, director and videographer of the documentary short Help! I’ve Gone Viral!, he also had the same role titles in his debut film Newtopia which has been 15 years in the making and financed by The Norwegian Film Institute, The Norwegian Art Council, Filminvest, Mid Norwegian Film Center, NHK Japan and VGtv. Audun is now focusing on his new documentary Click The Link Below, but after receiving requests from audiences, distributors and sales agents, he is also in the stages of making a 52-minute edit of the film Help! I’ve Gone Viral. A rough cut is expected to be ready in June, and the final version is set to be ready in August. 

Co-producer Nick Calpakdjian has been producing, directing and editing  a  range  of  documentary,  drama, and television projects since 2010. In 2013, Nick co-produced and edited Timor Leste’s first native language feature film Beatriz’s War with FairTrade Films. In 2016, Nick produced the 1-hour documentary The Muslim Tourist:  Discovering Ise Shima for NHK World and Kompas TV Indonesia.  Calpakdjian has edited on various Australian documentaries such as Trafficked – The Reckoning (ABC)Rosa’s Journey (SBS)Survival School (SBS), multiple Artscape documentaries (ABC), Breaking The News and was also the researcher and 2nd Unit Director on ABC commissioned Children of the Sex Trade.

Co-producer Mark Olsen has been involved with film and television production for over 30 years. Mark has worked on a range of genres such as Willow, Lord of the Rings and World’s Fastest Indian to name a few. After relocating to Indonesia in 2003, he eventually used his experience and knowledge by shifting into Producing. Mark produced Message Man, an English language feature film as well as an extensive number of FTV’s (films for television), lifestyle series, travel shows and documentary projects. In 2016 he left to join the recently formed Two Islands Digital with Nick Calpakdjian.  

Audun Kvitland Rostad runs a studio that does sound and music production for films in Norway. Audun has contributed to a number of award-winning documentaries and short films. A combination of his love for music, traveling and food made his life take a drastic turn when he released a song about his favourite food from his travel in Indonesia in 2016. Overnight the song went viral, and changed his life.


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