FILM – Want a Jurassic… pint?


We’ve all seen the movies and secretly wanted that terrifying experience for ourselves.

Well one woman has brought that dream into reality and let us tell you, Chantelle Synyer, from Sheffield is no ordinary mum-of-two. 

Over the years, Chantelle has taken many roles, from hairdresser to pub owner – and now, Yorkshire’s finest dinosaur handler. Of course!

Busy Chantelle has opened one of the only dinosaur-themed pubs in the UK – and it’s already a ROARING success. 

It was when she wanted to hire a dinosaur mascot for a son birthday that she came up with her brilliant idea.  

Chantelle found a YouTube video of a realistic, fabricated dinosaur scaring people in lifts.

Determined to get one, Chantelle contacted the video creator who put her in touch with a company that makes the dinosaurs. 

It turned out that the costumes were slightly too expensive than what she could afford at the time and so put one of the available dinosaurs on hold.

But with a few hitches out of the way, eighteen months later, the first of many dinosaurs had arrived.

Tricksy the T-Rex and Blue the Velociraptor, are among the prehistoric creatures that will be present at the pub. 

There will also be smaller, puppet baby dinosaurs, as well as a Pterodactyl suspended from the ceiling and an animatronic T-Rex’s head mounted on the restaurant’s wall.

Jurassica offers a ticketed dinosaur-themed dining experience in the prehistoric restaurant, during which customers will get to meet Tricksy and Blue; as well as casual dining in a separate bar area.

‘All I’m doing every day is waking up and putting smiles on people’s faces with dinosaurs. It blows my mind!’ Chanelle beams. 

‘I absolutely love my job as I’m really energetic anyway and when we’ve been doing the children’s parties, we get them to shout, ‘Tricksy and Blue where are you’ and when I bring them in, the sheer gasp from everyone is amazing.’

Jurassica is in Ecclesfield, Sheffield – and available for bookings now. 

To book, visit for details. 


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