UK CELEBRITY – Chelsea Singh’s the one to watch…

He’s being compared to some of the country’s top musicians… but who is the man behind the music?

Chelsea Singh gives a fantastic chat to JustCelebrityMag about ambitions, music and the future.

Can you tell us how you began getting into music all those years ago?

I used to watch the only TV show that featured half decent music which was Top of the Pops! And that’s what really kickstarted my interest in the music industry. 

As we know you have many singles out in the charts at the moment – Can you tell us more about them?

I have quite a few singles out at the moment and they are all in the beat port charts and are doing really well! The inspiration for the tracks came from when I used to go out partying and raving. A lot of them are old school piano remix’s and there is some new original things as well. I get a lot of inspiration from piano house. 

What inspires you the most when creating your tracks? 

I am actually moving into a a slightly new genre of music and I am producing a lot of minimal tech. The reason for that is music is now moving into that genre and that is the coolest music at the moment. What inspires me is the new sound you get in the minimal tech arena. 

Can you tell us about how music helped you during lockdown ?

It helped me massively. If it wasn’t for music I would probably have gone absolutely mental! Whilst I was thinking about new ideas and writing up new music and songs I would always have music on in the background. So without music I would probably be in the nut house! 

What is the main thing you want to achieve when you release new music?

I want to be able to make people happy, watch them dance, have a good time and have a night to remember. 

What do you love the most about being a DJ? 

I think it’s watching people have fun and dance and everyone comes together. When people are listening to music and dancing they are one big happy family and I love the togetherness and the love that music brings. 

We know you flew to Ibiza last month to DJ for the first time since lockdown has eased. What did that mean for you? 

Flying out to Ibiza was one of those times in my life I will never forget. We were so suppressed with lockdown and nightclubs were the hardest hit. They were the first to close and the last to open, so when I had the opportunity and had bookings in Ibiza to go out and Dj, I cannot tell you how I felt. I was jumping for joy and counting down each day, hour, minute. It meant the world to me because it’s the spiritual home of the DJs. 

What are your other hobbies aside from creating music? 

Astronomy. I love looking out into the sky. I have a telescope and I love everything about the universe. It’s a massive mad empty space with lots of mad things going on! 

Are there plans for more music to be released this year? 

Are you kidding! There is at least another 10-15 tracks on the way before the end of this year! It’s going to be mad. 

What is your favourite thing about playing your music to a audience?

Playing my music to an audience and watching them dance is probably the best feeling in the world, because you know then that what you have created is really good and people like it! People are dancing around and raving to it. They are jumping up and down and waving there hands in the air. It gives more inspiration to make more music. It tells you that you are on the right track and really are creating music that people like and love.

The brilliant Chelsea


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