FILM – Brian Lawes expresses the desperation, anxiety and fear of going without a meal in his Oscar-Qualifying short film Lost Kings

Food, hunger, starving, these are words we are all familiar with, especially around breakfast, lunch and dinner. Many times we find ourselves taking food for granted, when we are not able to finish a meal, or left overs have been lying in the fridge for over a week or even perfectly good edible food, we just don’t want or like goes straight into the bin. Food is a luxury not everyone can afford. Brian Lawes (Rock Paper Scissors, and Tempo), truly expresses the desperation, anxiety and fear of going without a meal in his short film Lost Kings. 

We meet Zuri (Dash Melrose) a young boy who lives with his brother, in a small house. Parents are no where to be seen meaning Zuri is sole provider for the household. He himself is a young boy, probably still in school, he doesn’t have a job, the question we find ourselves  asking is where does he get the money to buy food. That is where we learn that Zuri has to steal in order to provide for hims family. After no luck last the shops he trespasses into a neighbourhood house, getting in is easy but will he get out as easily. 

Although this spectacular short has very little dialogue, Dash Melrose (Zuri) fully portrays the fear, and power of not having food for himself and his brother. I personally find the last scene very emotional, being reduced to tears over something so simple, Dash Melrose did a fantastic job under Brian Lawes Spectacular direction. A true masterpiece in directing from Mr Lawes.  

If you’re able to catch a glimpse of this fantastic yet very poignant film with a powerful message at the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival be sure to give it a watch. This is not a film to be missed! 

Margaret Brown

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