UK CELEBRITY – Cosmin shines like a star

28-year-old Romanian born globe-trotter has visited over 42 countries and left home at 16 to start his own business. With over 95k followers on Instagram and an eye for creativity, Cosmin Cernica works with numerous brands including Harrods, Creed and Samsung as a content creator and is currently handling the social media business pages for a member of the Royal Family in the Middle East.

Gay and proud Cosmin is on a mission change the way we use social media and its authenticity; his aim is to help others grow across social media in an organic and creative way, tapping into their key target customers. Since he changed his mind-set around social media, he feels passionate about sharing his expertise and knowledge on how businesses can become hugely successful via unique and engaging social media tactics.  

Cosmin recently launched his own collection of luxury cufflinks which were six different designs, all handmade with Romanian brand Wagner Arte. The collection has been featured in Forbes, OK Magazine and Cosmopolitan and was sold in Romania, UK and the Middle East. The collection was so successful, the Royal Family of UAE commissioned Cosmin to design a bespoke pair of cufflinks for a special wedding. 

Cosmin is also currently working on other bespoke projects including unique Christmas decorations made out of porcelain and painted with pure gold and platinum for his Elite customers.

Cosmin also worked as a fashion editor for Jungle Magazine (a bi-annual fashion and culture publication based in London), covering Paris Fashion Week and London Fashion Week. He also writes for Romanian’s OK Magazine, covering all the street style trends during LFW. 

Cosmin quotes: “I love what I do and strive to achieve more than I can dream. I had a difficult childhood growing up, but this moulded me to who I am today. I am a strong believer in positive affirmations and visualizing what I want in life.” 

Cosmin is also a brand ambassador for Forbici Knightsbridge (a luxury hair salon and barbers in London), where is uses his extreme vision for social media to create their content and is launching a new store in the Middle East.

Follow Cosmin on Instagram: @cosmincernica 


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