Sting’s Song “Inshallah” Provides Musical Narration to Maya Sanbar’s Film Highlighting Refugee Children

Maya Sanbar has created a gorgeous and haunting world in Footsteps on the Wind. It has the feeling of a nostalgic childhood cartoon that morphs into a larger world to tell an important story. The film tells the story of a family (father, mother, brother, and sister) who are torn apart due to a variety of natural disasters. The children are then left to survive on their own with no one but each other. 

The significance of this story lies within its reality. In the ending credits, Sanbar informs her audience that “This film is dedicated to all of them [refugee children]– who spread love, courage, and the light of hope across the planet.”

Sanbar’s film shines a light on an important topic that affects children all around the world. The film highlights the way in which families are torn apart and the havoc it can wreak on the children. Whether it’s a natural disaster or violent conflict, it has an extremely adverse effect on the youth of today. As Sanbar illustrates beautifully in “Footsteps on the Wind”, children are often left to fend for themselves with no idea of where to go or what to do. 

This artistic film is underscored by Sting’s song “Inshallah”. This song itself is about refugees and the perils they endure in order to find some semblance of safety. Sanbar’s collaboration with Sting has elevated the film in a way that will leave viewers with a desire to find out what action they can take to remedy the reality that Sanbar presents. 

Not only is Footsteps on the Wind a beautifully moving and poignant piece that will inspire many to take action; it’s also an educational, accessible way for children to learn about those who may have different life experiences from their own. Sanbar’s art in combination with Sting’s music guarantee that this film will be a successful one. 


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