The collaboration we didn’t know we needed: Aneil Karia and Riz Ahmed’s THE LONG GOODBYE

The Long Goodbye, is a live-action short about Riz and his family at home in the middle of a typical family day which is interrupted by a big commotion outside, that leads to a devastating outcome.

The film is essentially divided into three acts, each of which are captivating. With the first act establishing the family in a realistic sequence, and then flipping the whole story on its head with a brutal musical sequence, and finally, a powerful yet honest performance that leaves us feeling uneasy.

The pace of the film works very well with the story. With the film opening up with hand-held shots to capture the hecticness of their day ahead, whilst also predicting the chaos, tension and rapid movements to come. 

This masterpiece not only combines British talent (Aneil Karia and Riz Ahmed) but also explores such an important topic via stunning imagery and powerful words in only 12 minutes. 

The collaboration we didn’t know we needed: Aneil Karia and Riz Ahmed. Aneil Karia, a British Director who began his career directing several award-winning shorts, one of which, a Film 4 financed short titled Work which was nominated for a BAFTA and a BIFA.

Judy Ibelhauptaite, Just Celebrity Film Reporter 


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