***** OSCAR contender NORTH STAR: A deeply moving film that raises thought-provoking questions

A film review by Jamie Richardson for Just Celebrity Magazine

A deeply moving film that raises thought provoking questions; in one generation LGBT has moved on from a taboo subject to mainstream, the transition is still in progress and has some way to go, before getting complete acceptance, however the road is straight, clear and full of light.  

Colman Domingo in his role as James possessed a rugged masculinity and yet his tenderness of a man deeply in love came across very strongly, a truly remarkable performance. I would go further and say that Colman surrendered himself to the role so well that I watching the film was praying for his well being and that he gets through the hardships facing him and his family.

Colman Domingo

Craig, played by Malcolm Gets, produced a stunning performance, his expressions and physical demeanour were the words and emotions that his character could not say. His leaning into the care and trust of his husband is truly what intimacy and relationship is about. A magnificent performance.

Malcolm Gets

Audrey Wasilewski’s Erin is the epitome of the Jesus loving Christian. She weaves her belief and her own personal biases into a diatribe focused on James. Audrey surrenders herself to the role so well, the display of love for her brother and the total rejection of James as family is so real, yet I didn’t for instant hate or despise her, how bizarre.

Audrey Wasilewski

Director P J Palmer also produced the film; his exceptional ensemble of characters and immersive storyline has elevated the film and LGBT to a level that will be viewed by all watching irrespective of beliefs and views with humility and attributing a dignity to a couple that stood strong and resolute to life.

Ernesto Lomeli’s lensing is magnificent.

Just give this director an OSCAR already, as this film is more than OSCAR worthy!


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