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Jason Riddington, the accomplished British actor known for his versatile range and captivating performances, in both television and flm, starring in TV series, including Eastenders, Doctors, and Luther, is now telling his story about his brush with death and how the art of T’ai Chi saved his life, with the launch of his new book Life, Death, T’ai Chi and Me, available to buy in-store & online via Waterstones, WH Smith, Amazon, Foyles – Out Now.

In the summer of 2021, Jason suffered an unexpected brain hemorrhage while at home, where his wife, personal trainer, and Team GB Showjumper, Faye Riddington-Smith performed CPR and inevitably saved his life. After being put into an induced coma, further complications arose from Meningitis, seizures, a retinal aneurysm, hydrocephalus & a shunt operation. On 29th June and 10th June 2021, respectively, Jason experienced two, identical, life-changing near-death experiences and nearly lost his life. To come back from two experiences of almost certain death, he not only credits his doctors and nurses, but also the art of T’ai Chi Qigong – something he has practiced for the past 30 years. Jason began to do T’ai Chi on the ward of the High Care Unit, under the careful watching eyes of the nursing staff to begin his physical and neurological recovery.

On how T’ai Chi helped him while in hospital, Jason says: “When I was bed-ridden in intensive care, I did Qigong as a meditation in my mind. As soon as I was able, I did Qigong, with my drip and tubes next to me, in intensive care. I was deaf, blind in one eye with Terson Syndrome, paralyzed in my right foot, and in a pretty bad state!”

Following this experience and encouraged by his friend Brian Blessed, Jason wrote his debut book ‘Life, Death, T’ai Chi and Me’, as a form of therapy for not only himself, but to help those who might be struggling with or are fascinated by physical, spiritual or mental health issues.

The book is the incredible true story of an epic struggle to defy the odds and survive the most profound physical and mental trauma.

Jason continues to practice T’ai Chi in his recovery process and helps many vulnerable people to recover from all kinds of physical and mental health issues.

‘Life, Death, T’ai Chi and Me – My Brain Injury Journey’ is available now at Waterstones and Amazon online.

To order, click here


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