FILM REVIEW – Falsified: What if they take your most precious treasure away?

Falsified Official Trailer from Ashley Tabatabai on Vimeo.   For some of you, becoming a parent might be the most wonderful thing that can happen. Looking forward to seeing your son or daughter taking his or her first steps, talking for the first time, dropping him or her off for the first day of school….

FILM – ‘Falsified’ star Ashley Tabatabai “I felt compelled to explore the human dynamic behind the bigger scandal”

Ashley Tabatabai’s short film was inspired by one of Spain’s best-kept secrets, the stolen babies scandal, also known as ‘Los Niños Robados’ or ‘The Lost Children of Francoism’. This exciting drama stars Ashley Tabatabai (Allies), Mitchell Mullen (Starz Outlander), newcomer Julia Leyland and Mike Archer (The Genius of Turner). After over 30 years of searching,…